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June 25, 2004


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(Thanks to many alert people who are shocked by a frank exchange of views on the Senate floor)


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First and First posting

See what happens when politicians don't use notes when they speak!

See what happens when politicians don't use notes when they speak!

go dash yourself?

is that ebonics?

Same story was on MSNBC this morning, and my primary reaction was that only a politician could say that "F*** you" was a "frank exchange of views". Man, should've used that one when my mom caught my sister and I fighting as kids...

You tell him Cheney!

Oh, my...

The media outlets have obviously never heard a "frank exchange of views" on the floor of England's parliament, where, I'm pretty sure, there is a two drink minimum. Now go F-- yourself, you bloody wanker.

You go Cheney! I'd love to hear the same exchange but between Dubya and Ted Kennedy.

Golly. Such ungentlemanly behavior by our honorable lawmakers. This really shows what uncivilized times we live in! Boy-oh-boy, manners and decency have just gone right out the window in the last few decades. Next thing you know, one of them will bash another one over the head with a gold-headed cane or something.... or... wait...

Been there, done that.

GO DICK CHENEY - TED KENNEDY should be next on your list!!!!!

Now that is a nice policy shift-- instead of screwing the taxpayers, they can go f**k themselves (*swooshing sound*). I think there is an OK judge that can help.

"Frank Exchange of Views" might not bagnfarb but it'd be a great album title.

How would he - himself, anyway?

and if you think that was 'brutal' you should see some of the other parliaments that are broadcast... in s. korea, i think, they came to actual fisticuffs. I'll take leahy in the 5th.

Dick Cheney hurled on the Sentate floor?

"Damn it Jim, I'm the Vice President, not a pantywaist Senator."

MKJ- Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I believe that the full, unexpurgated version of Cheney's statements is, "Leahy, you ignorant slut!"

Although, the censored version in the paper gives a whole new spin to the line in "Jingle Bells": Dashing through the snow. . .

I can't wait till next winter!

Is this the kind of language they use at undisclosed locations on a regular basis?

" Cheney turned on his heels, saying '- yourself' or 'go - yourself,' according to a Senate source in a position to know."

See, this is just the kind of in-depth reporting the American media is lacking. Did they verify his/her position via maps and graphs? That would have been a cool discussion to sit in on.

If Leahy can - himself, can he marry himself? Does he get can -himself rights? Let's march.

"I'll take leahy in the 5th."

Queensbee, I have to agree. First, he's tougher than he might look at first glance. And with his height and reach advantage and Cheney's (to be kind) dodgy ticker, he'll be lucky to make it out of the second round.

Yeah, that's hardly a fair fight. Dick would go down in a the first in the all-senate ultimate fighting championship. The question, maybe, is who would have a chance of winning. We've pretty heavily well-represented in the old-guys-who-don't-exercise department.

Well at least he didn't say car.

" We've pretty heavily well-represented in the old-guys-who-don't-exercise department."

Well, Old Strom won't make it, we know that, Scott. And if "heavily" is the key word, then Teddy might have a chance, if he sits on them.

If weapons are allowed I wouldn't turn my back on Hillary either.

I just got off the phone with David Carle, Leahy's press secretary. They're not commenting right now as to whether or not Leahy will, indeed, F$#* himself or not.

great visual of teddy sitting on somebody. i pick tom delay.

Isn't Cheney one of the representatives of the new, RELIGIOUS, FAMILY-VALUED, branch of the Republican party??

yes, lmd, he is. but the rules dont apply to him.

Who cares if a 60 someyear old man says the word F**k!? I believe in family values and such, but occassionally that word slips out - not in front of little kids or my bosses. I can't believe that is such a big deal! Sorry - just needed to rant a little.

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