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May 21, 2004


This person will wind up voting in Florida.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Yeah, but I bet she can punch a clean chad too!

Although, the drool might screw up the counter.

I hope they say that in a Jeopardy-like manner: "This! Is! Wooster!"

"She's not out of nappies"

Most of the voters in Florida wear nappies still too, but of a different variety.

At least if the election goes bad, she's young enough not to remember it and remind everyone of it for years to come. My parents still remind me of how they got screwed over when Reagan and Bush Sr. were elected, sometimes mentioning Nixon.

Nerys Gardiner-Orton anagrams to:


Those crazy Brits.

I thought the same thing, mad scientist, but I'm glad you said it first.

Wet Nappies wbagnfarb

That was posted here before.

But it's still good....

I thought in order to vote in Florida, she'd be required to die first.

If she promises to vote AGAINST Bush, I'll pay for a chauffered limousine to her polling place of choice!

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