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May 30, 2004


But this resort sounds even more inviting.

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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Look everyone! It's Em and Em!

I 'spose umbrellas are extra and the local carwash makes a bundle off the tourist trade.

Oh yeah, I can just imagine the serenity *splat*

I can't remember where exactly we were (somewhere near Savannah, Georgia, though) when we stopped at this outdoor cafe that was known for its friendly seagulls (according to the sign). A friendly seagull swooped down and grabbed the hambuger right out of my husband's hand while we were trying to eat.

There's a certain bitter irony to the fact that the first link I found on this site was labeled "facilities."

Those Aussies. When it comes to creating ambience, they're in a class by themselves.

Leech Lake does not have Leeches. But the guys at the County Courthouse sure made up for it..(Sorry, Mr. Eclov, no offense intended)

It is a beautiful lake, so far, relatively uncommercial, therefore, unusual in the State of MN.

Bait 'n' Gas 'n' Pizza, the EB.

Self contained Seagull Droppings would not bagnfarb

"The beach and coastline views are spectacular all year round." If you like bird shit, that is. You're right Lmd33, those Aussies really know how to name a place to pull in the tourists.

On the other hand, they do get credit for truth in advertising, and you can't say you don't know what you're in for if you stay there.

One can only hope this is one of those curious dialect differences, like maybe in Australian English, "droppings" means a nice place to hang out on a Sunday evening.

Would "leeches 'n' droppings" be the opposite of "peaches 'n' cream" ?

AND its close to Kangaroo Island!

so, is the left hand photo for 'leech lake' the "sophisticated boutiques" or the "charming craft shops", also, wouldn't it be difficult to shop year round if they are all situated in ice fishing houses?

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