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May 30, 2004


Always ask for a non-snake vehicle.


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Hey, at least he was in the back seat being quiet. Most of the snakes that ride in the backseat of my car annoy me with requests to change the radio station, turn the heat up, close the windows, turn left here...

Please not the amount of restraint and decorum I had in not declaring "First!" for four posts in a row.

There is no word on how the snake got into the car.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say it slithered.

dj, so noted for a slow 3-day Memorial Day weekend. ;-)

ya know, it's beginning to seem that if Adam & Eve want to bop off on travelling vacations this time of year, why not the snake too?

was it avis or hertz??? these guys must really try harder! "hey, free snake to the first drivers who show up on friday morning!"

Key quote: "They said the snake hard sharp teeth, but was not poisonous."

"Snake hard sharp teeth" has a nice ring to it. Little long for a band name, though.

I hope it was a she and she laid eggs. Lots of them in the unholstery. Knock knock. Who's there? ssSSSSSsssSSSSSSss!

was anyone else impressed with the snakes hard sharp teeth,
I hate soft snakes.

Ok my mind is too in the gutter for a Sunday morning. What is with all the snake stories?

Maybe it wanted to ride with its head out the window like a dog, but couldn't reach.

Was there an extra charge for the snake?


*bangi proudly displays what she learnt in school...though it has nothing to do with snakes*

wish me luck for me midterms ppl!
i shall be back to stare into ur eyes again,

*pastes gold star next to Bangi_gurl's name on class list*

Definitely, dj! :-)

*adds Bangi_Gurl to spreadsheet honor roll* ;-)

Good Luck, Sizzling One! May you bedazzle them with your brilliance! :-)

*bangi does the database-spreadcheet-tango*
Thanks DJ, and Eadn!!
*feels mighty smart*


*decides she needs more practice typing*

My roommate runs a rental car business out of a town in Illinois very, VERY close to Champaign, Illinois. It makes me wonder if it was from his branch.

Or! Ack! He uses rental cars as company vehicles! It could be one I've ridden in!!!

Man. I am SO going to check all over his cars the next time I ride in them.

On the other hand, if it was one of his competitors, it'd be good marketing material. "Hertz. We give you cars WITHOUT snakes."

It WAS a Budget car after all.

Hey, maybe the snake needed to get to Tennessee.

Let's all concentrate real hard and will Bangi to get an A.

By the way, I told my roommate about this story, and he was totally nonplussed. He sees a LOT of odd things in rental cars. His comment was:

"Oh. Yeah. It was probably someone's pet that got underneath the seats."

Like he regularly runs across snakes. I'm starting to wonder about the rental car business.

It was the same snake that tricked that man into removing his own goolies. It's a conspiracy I tell you!

It could have been placed their as an emergency replacement fan belt?

Besides the guys driving it should have worked out something was up with car when the guy who just cleaned the car nervously handed them the keys.

Tips for Car Renters, part II:

Don't order your snakes online.

Wrong link. This one is correct:

Don't order your snakes online.

Was this perhaps the same rental car?

Wonder what kind of car it was? Dodge VIPER? Ford Mustang COBRA?

At first, I thought it was the Dallas cobra taking a vacation, but this one's non-poisonious....

Not to self: check for snakes in rental cars. This blog is making me paranoid.

MIAMISBURG, Ohio -- Some people traveling through the Miami Valley early Saturday morning got a big surprise they discovered a snake inside their car.

How about a round of applause for the holiday weekend writers!

Here in my third-world, mosquito-infested, politically-corrupt country, people find worse things in their car, like holiday weekend writers.

Sarita: i no lossa peepz hoo tok li' dat n lem' tel u it take TWIZE az long t unnastan dem. im all fuh ixpreshin n airytang buh in terms of communicability, it's that type of language manipulation that renders most communications with those people incommunicable.

Doug Brockmeier: Say again? You're breaking up.

They got this story all mixed up. It was the SNAKE that rented the car, and the unwelcome 'guests' were the hard sharp toothed people.

i've tried Pornspam (R). It's greeeeeeeeeeeeeaat!

Doug! Your last post was magnificently well done! KUDOS! :-)

Sarita... in my non-blog reading hours, I am a colledge perfersser. I dunno where dese kids learn such atrosh... atrosu.... bad writin.

(Seriously, I am a college professor, and most of the buggers can't write worth a crap!)

Mine was better.

*pastes gold star next to Doug's name on extra credit list*

For anyone who doesn't want to bother signing in to the Miami Herald to get Dave's column today, here's the link, once again proving Dave has exemplary taste in music. I mean, anyone who recognizes the genius of Otis Day & the Knights ("Otis! My man!") is OK in my book.


Hello to all, I hope everyone had a great holiday. Today was tough, but you guys make me smile. Dave used one of my contributions today, but it got all spammed and trolled up which kind of bums me out, but what ya' gonna do? I guess jerks are everywhere, even in virtual friendship, blog-land; I really need a vacation! I didn't find any snakes in my car though so I all in all today was ok. Chat anyone?

Jessica, Congrats on your post :-) I'm gonna leave a word (several) there, then go for dinner. Sorry you got a bum rap on a wrapped bum ;-)

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial day.

Please remember the folks in other places that are not with their families, and doing the work that needs to be done. The men and women who have placed themselves in harms way by choice and by their sense of duty. No one forced them to go. They aren't doing it for the very small amount of pay that they recieve. As a matter of fact, many of the people in the armed forces have an annual income that is down in lowest levels of poverty. There are people on assistance that have a higher net income than they do.

It's all about doing what's right, and the love of their country. And honoring the uniform that was worn by those who returned, and by those who didn't come home.

Word to Graz. Which anagrams to "G.W. odor tzar."

That stinks.

Yes, a snake-free automobile would be nice.

That way, if I heard hissing, I'd know it wasn't a snake.

Darn moter or tires are enough of a problem, thank you very much.



Was this the same snake that was taking a nap in some guy's groin couch? You know, the one where the guy ripped off his attached pillows.

The snake would never have made it in the smokies. Wasn't poisonous so couldn't be handled for religious purposes. However, it may have been trying to reach the Falwell school for Snake handling. (Where, if successful, it becomes poisonous and un-hard.) Probably was looking to be converted from an Amish snake to be handled...

What's this $17.95 a day?
That's the optional collision damage waiver.
What's this $24.95 a day?
That's the optional snake removal.

Do you have to refill the snake before you return the car? I'm confused, is it 1 mouse per day or what? The small print on my rental form seems to be smudged.

"There is no word on how the snake got into the car."

Probably required a credit card. I always do.

Seriously, are snakes in cars such a big deal? In my hometown (Bangalore, India - and it isn't a rural place at all) it used to be a common occurrence to find a snake curled up on the family car's hood in the morning - for warmth or something I guess. My dad came face to face with a King Cobra once (really poisonous).

Doug and Gimme - nice! My sister would call you two wannabe's, but nice. Doug, I don't think accents are too bad... I just can't stand *reading* that kind of stuff. Blleeuurrgghh.

I won't speak on behalf of other countries, but, at least in the U.S., it is an extremely unusual event to find a snake in your rental car, one that you'd expect would involve the Supreme Court, and rarer, I bet, than throwing an empty soda can from the top of a five-story parking garage into a trash can with but a one-foot diametric aperture, not to brag or anything.

And trust me, Nandini, I'm no wannabe, at least in the way you're using it. Tanx fo da propz, dough.


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