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May 30, 2004


Now they're using gassy fruit, which would be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Fi Craig)


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*heard over loudspeaker*

"Will a Ms. Ima Nasshat please report to the baggage claim area? We have found your luggage."

Isn't there a MP skit about Peaches?
The article says they landed 2.5 hours after their scheduled arrival time...shouldn't a fire in the hold mean you land early? Is the congestion that bad?

Were they transporting the vegetable orchestra?

Isn't rotting fruit usually fermenting? Maybe the delay was caused by a little booziness in the air? ;-)

there's a MP skit about using fruit to defend yourself against bad guys... cleese plays the drill sergeant ...and takes it just a little bit too seriously

"Woozy Fruit", I like that.

heh heh D'Art, I guess it didn't know when to say "when"!

"Fruit fumes". Is that what they call it in the U.K.? It wouldn't happen to have been the "musical" fruit?

And Fruit Fumes wbagnfarb.

Why did they have rotting fruit in the hold, if I may ask?

mad scientist & queensbee: Right you are. Here it is:

Self Defense Against Fruit

My daughter's boyfriend did "Self Defense Against Fruit" in a high school speech contest, doing all the voices himself. It was great. My daughter, sadly, is marrying somebody else. I miss that boy.

Yeah, I think I saw that fruit self-defense sketch once before.

And now, thanks to the food reference, song lines and band names that I can't get out of my head:

"Peaches come in a can.
They were put there by a man..."

"In the spotlight, life is so peachy..."

The Cranberries

Black Eyed Peas

Buck Cherry

Eagle Eye Cherry

The String Cheese Incident


Yes [also a band name], I was born this way. Don't try to fix it.

You know, I've heard of "five alarm" chili, but I didn't think the food was actually supposed to set off fire alarms.

"Woozy fruit" also sounds like a hilarious nickname for wine.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is already a TV show.

hmmm...now for something original, as in one that I made up:

"Peach gassy keen" could mean something similar to "bittersweet." Instead of just "peachy keen," it's "peach gassy keen."

Fruit on Fire wbagnfarb

I know airline meals are proverbially unappetizing, but funky, fume-producing fruit?
What next? Chicken that is so ripe it causes the oxygen masks to pop out of the ceiling?

Alex, you're too young to know it, but in the 60s there was "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie" (by Jay & the Techniques). And of course "Little Green Apples" (O. C. Smith).

And speaking of terrorists and fruit, here's a link about some real Killer Fruit.

The first song you mentioned sounds familiar. That's what happens when you have parents whose taste in music doesn't reach beyond the '60s and '70s, and they force you to listen to it instead of that "crap." Actually, it's not that bad.

Geez! Now I'm going to be paranoid about my food for a few days.

I would like to point out that "The Rotting Fruit Fumes" would be an excellent name for a rock band!


"Millions of peaches,
Peaches for me,
Millions of peaches,
Peaches for free."


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