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May 22, 2004


...and then, every now and then, there is your true guy's guy.

(Thanks to Kelly Brown)


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A baby inside the giant model? Does this one have a voter registration card?

Is it bad that this looks like a perfectly valid way to spend time to me? (What's the female equivalent of a guy?)

That looks really complicated. Not near as complicated as trying to shave your legs and not fall over without cutting yourself, but still complicated.

"To Be Continued?" Oh, no! I'm telling ya, he had me at "Hello."

*lifts head from desk and wipes drool from chin*

I must have fallen asleep looking thru the site ... what was on it again?

I hope he has better luck than the radio control plane I once had......

Crashed and burned about 1.5 milliseconds into it's maiden flight.....

The flames were kinda cool though....

Maybe I missed something...

Apparently I missed the page with the post "Wife left me, took the baby. Beer supplies running low...will try to persevere." Come on, you know it has to be in there at some point.

Crazy Brits. Does he really expect that aircraft to Fly? I would file this under the heading "way, way too much time on your hands".

One of my guy friends spent his whole summer trying to build a flying machine....not to mention a whole bunch of money. The project never got off the ground....er sorry!

And cash on his hands, BMX! I mean, those are real jet engines he's putting in that thing! We're talkin' tens of thousands here.

My hat is off to this guy. Say what you want about the time, money, and effort - he's putting together something really impressive.

My wife makes quilts - and I don't begrudge the amount of work she puts into those.

There's something to be said for making things with your own hands.

I tell you, when the bug bites, it bites.

Once had a RC plane we named for the guy we bought it from "Lotz". After we played with it for a while we renamed it "Lotza Luck".
On another note, saw a Found ad for an R/C aircraft discovered floating in Long Island Sound. You know someone thought it was lost at sea! I hope this one stays under control throughout its flight and landing...wha? huh? ahhhhhhhhhh! oh nononononono! CRASH!


Hey, I had enough trouble with those plastic models. I'd always lose some of the little pieces, get frustrated and give up after a while. I guess I'm not enough of a guy's guy to make that guy's league. On the other hand, all credit to him, he's taken his obsession to a new level.

And speaking of obsessions, let's see if I can link you to this woman:


Damn. Screwed up again. Let's see:

Truck Drivin' Stalker

Shit. I'll go practice.

Gotta close the link, Jeff, like this.


Thanks Graz, I thought I closed it but guess I messed it up. Anyway, I know stalkers aren't really funny, but this one struck me that way: I mean a 39 year old truck drivin' woman from Detroit who was tried to convince married opera singin' grandma Beverly Sills that they should get married? I mean, Theater of the Absurd time here. Time to get back on the meds.

"Tried," not "was tried," although I dare say if found sane she WILL be tried.

And when the going gets tough, the tough will sell it on Ebay....

"Is it bad that this looks like a perfectly valid way to spend time to me? (What's the female equivalent of a guy?)"

Janet Reno.

I'm building a model stinger missle to shoot it down.

Now, if this thing REALLY does work by remote control, I will be VERY impressed!!

Of course, if it crashes, this poor guy will probably commit suicide.

Vietnam lies on the eastern seaboard of the Indochinese peninsula. It borders Chine in the north. Laos and Cambodia in the west, and looks out on the East Sea

The potential is great. Nice work!

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