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May 23, 2004


It's thriving in the Heartland.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Didnt you used to be FUNNY? wheres the insight? all you do is post a bunch of links. thats not funny. they arent funny. you arent funny. but you used to be.

this isn't my name, guess what.......
This isn't your blog either.

By the way, if you want to troll, just put troll as your name.

That way we will just not spend the time even reading your comment.

And, thus....where can I make my reservation?

I am so obsessive with checking this site. Glad you posted a link, Judi. :)


Thanks, zoegirl.

I just hope that I can avoid the planting season rush.

You have to email the dude to see the actual site. I wasn't so bold as to do so.

I never claimed to be funny, but I was told I was once.

isn't my name is really funny......
for now and always in my mind......

I really mean that....I do.....don't look at me like that......

I'm......confused? or at least mildly lost.

Aww...what DO you have going for you Joshkr?

Good news for bird fetishists:

"The World Parrot Trust in Cornwall, England, has created an 80-minute long DVD of nothing but wild parrots preening themselves, calling and feeding for the purpose of keeping domesticated parrots entertained. "PollyVision: Strictly for Parrots" will be released on May 31, which is World Parrot Day."

aww! My wit, charm, and lovability. :)

I think PunkyVision is much better.

But, I do have a tendency to preen while watching it though.

Ok, but you gotta return them in the same condition they were rented in. ;)

perverted...slightly...jaded..not so much.

hmm 348? I think. Or was it 384? somewhere in that area

Dare I ask?

define little bit. :P

Good grief! What have you been up to!?

Wait, don't answer that. You must have SOMETHING going for you to score that high.

Good job, you've already learned to just agree with me. ;)

Hellooooooooooo! :)

You had me from hello. ;)


Well, I hate to leave you, but I must depart to go play pool *don't ask..I dunno* So don't miss me too much. ;)

Two things...

(1) "Name your own fetish" is probably patented by Jay Walker and his Priceline group.

(2) How about if someone (hey Judi!!) e-mails the guy and asks for the link, then posts it here. This guy should be ecstatic to get 90,000 hits. He can sell advertising. Geez.

Ok. As someone who had to do a psych 111 report on abnormal sexuality, I feel obligated to tell everyone that this kind of sick perverted kinky nonsense is attractive to more people than they realize.

As many as 30% of adult females, for instance, fantasize about being spanked. No kidding. And I have seen this proclivity in more than one woman I have dated.

Bondage is another one that lots of people use. Again, about 30% of both sexes fantasize/experiment with it. The weirder the fetish, the less it is practiced. (like necrophilia...YUK...)

So odds are that there are a startlingly large number of people living in the community where ye-old-fetish farm is are practicing some of the very same fetishes the farm "offers".

Just some interesting data.

But even those people who DO practice these fetishes in their every day life probably are not going to go to the "fetish farm". If people want to explore kinky and just plain wrong sex, there is already a place to do that, and it is called San Fransisco.


ummm, you aren't doing research for another paper on abnormal psych here and now, are you? My mind is clean, my thoughts are pure. Honest!! But just in case you are, I think you should explain your moniker first ; )

Working on a sex farm
Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
Poking your hay

Scratching in your henhouse
Sniffing at your feedbag
Slipping out your back door
Leaving my spray

Sex farm woman, I'm gonna mow you down
Sex farm woman, I'll rake and hoe you down
Sex farm woman, don't you see my silo rising high?

Working on a sex farm
Hosing down your barn door
Bothering you livestock
They know what I need

Working up a hot sweat
Scratching in your pea patch
Plowing through your beanfield
Planting my seed

Sex farm woman, I'll be your hired hand
Sex farm woman, I'll let my offer stand
Sex farm woman, don't you hear my tractor rumbling by?

Working on a sex farm
Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
Poking your hay

No. No more research. I didn't want to do the paper that time, but I was stuck in a group of Freshmen in college. Before I could say a word some idiot chick in the group volunteered us for abnormal sexuality. (She was trying to get one of the guys in the group to notice her...It worked....Ick.) Of course the idiots in the group didn't want to do any actual work, instead preferring to look at wierd and dirty pictures and giggle, so the majority of the project fell on my shoulders.

So there I was surfing the internet for information about the various fetishes and statistics of people involved in them, and of course being assaulted by various images associated with them. There are pictures in my brain I would pay thousands to erase. I guess I was naieve (I forgot how to spell that word. Darn you MS WORD!!! GATES YOU RAT BASTARD!! YOU HAVE REDUCED ME TO USELESNESS WITHOUT SPELL CHECK!!) but after reading a how-to on necrophilia and proper calf (meaning the moo moo calf...ew) molestation, I can say that I am no longer ignorant of what kind of sickos there are out there.

I picked Cheese_Ball839 for a very simple reason. While trying to think up an e-mail adress for yahoo, I kept getting told that the name I picked had already been taken. So I thought for a second and figured no sane person would EVER call themselves Cheese_Ball, so I did it and used a random number after it just in case.

And sunofagun if it didn't work. Though now I can't remember the password to it, so I guess I need to change it again. Oh well...


HA!! Good stuff.


Err...Um...just what exactly are you getting at? Was it the spanking quote, the bondage quote, or the necrophilia that turned you on??

velvel, we missed you!

nah, ya gotta point. i couldn't make the link funny... i was so tired. but i hate to have a whole day go by with nothing new, so i posted it anyway. and the comments are interesting. thanks everyone.

BTW --

The Fetish Farm website promises videos.


Trolling, as we learned last week, is not good (see, I remembered). Hey, but it does get a reaction, right?


What kind of stories do you want? A former GF gave me a book FULL of stories on spanking. Some of them were really wierd, like about this girl who fantasized about dressing up like a boy and being paddled by the principle...Yuk...

Then you might want to lay off the tea. =)

Wasn't tea for my ex. She had all sorts of little fantasies about being a very naughty school girl, french maid, secretary....

Some of em were kind of fun now that I look back on it...

It is WAAAAAY to early on a Monday morning to be talking about this kind of stuff.

Don't worry Judi. The posting brings a Whole new dimension to George Orwell's Animal Farm. Just because the story doesn't tell what goes on behind closed barn doors, doesn't mean IT didn't happen.......

Other's - "Morn'n all."

See now ... I always thought that Bed and Breakfasts were boring and a horrible way to vacation ...

Not so, I see!

Do I have to supply my own tutu??

"Funny's in the eye of the laughing cow" ... and what I mean by that is "funny is as funny does" ... and by that I mean that "life is just a bowl of trolls".

BTW: I just managed to remember to read this at home. Kink Test is 440. :)

Ya know if the troll craze was still as big as it was, there would be a cereal. And you could have a bowl of trolls.

cheese_ball: naive

Fetish Farm wbagnfarb

Morning all.

Bangi: this is the site I got from Punky:

he/she/it wasn't talking to me, it was yelling at DAVE anyway, because it thought i was him. or he. do i get to blame him? or he?

I'm LTTG again with this thread, but...wasn't that "Sex Farm" song from "Spinal Tap"?

Just checking.

There is not day so bad that a hug--or a flamethrower--dosn't perk you right up! :)

Blogchik: Yes indeed.

Hey judi! Note the little (h)ashmarks on the side of the flamethrower? Jest add another one after you've cleared underneath the bridge! ;-)

(oh yeah, it forgot to say "First!" :-)

" . . .and includes interests such as cross-dressing, bondage, domination, enemas and spanking." It does not include animals, torture, children or sexual play."

If bondage and domination aren't sexual, what are they??

Seems only appropriate that I provide a kinky update! But I'll put it on the top post, ETIQUETTE UPDATE. Look there! Joshkr - give me a number!

Spinal Tap RULES! I even saw them in concert once, absolutely hilarious. It was their "Break Like the Wind" Tour.

I think it was recorded in Dubley...

Mudstuffin: Do you know the words to "Big Bottom"? I love that one.

I knew a girl who knew a girl who did guys for money and called herself a "dominatrix" because she also spanked them and had all the leather doohickeys. Anything where you get paid to do something that causes white stuff to come out of the pink thing, is prostitution.

Cheese Ball: I'm betting the images you want to erase are poo related, am I right? One time I house sat for some people who turned out to have scads and scads of urine porn. Not as bad as it sounds though, it was mostly in a Penthouse Letters format, except all the stories were about pee. That's how I got to be an expert on that, in case you ever hear otherwise.

I too, used to be funny.

Indeed, Dave, poo pictures are among the images that haunt me the most. I remember seeing a series of photos of one man who had literally smeared excrement all over his bathroom. I thought I was going to puke.

But as it turns out, those were the NICE pictures. He had a picture of him coating a...an....umm...Marital Aid in poo poo, and then PUTTING IT IN HIS MOUTH!!

Upon seeing that, I came to the conclusion that vomiting on the computer is not such a bad idea, in that it might short out and never be able to show me this kind of stuff again.

I REALLY do not understand the attraction to excrement. EWWWW.

These pictures prompted me to write a one line conclusion to "our" (and by our, I mean the paper I wrote and the rest of them put their names on...) paper:


There are some really sick mother %#@^$@$#ers out there that should be locked up RIGHT NOW!!

The prof told me to re-write it. I showed him the research pictures. He let it stand.

I suppose it's probably time to let this thread die, but I'm really endlessly fascinated by this sort of thing. It raises so many questions, like, if you were aroused by poo, wouldn't you get jaded really fast? Could you really get excited every time you pinch one off? It'd be interesting if maybe these are people who only do the squat-grunt once a week or something, I'd be excited about it too in that case.

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