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May 28, 2004


Now the bastards are using preachers.

(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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I always knew those preachers were up to no good.
Am i first??!!!?

YES!!!! This has made my day! Free drinks for every one!


regrettably, my fear of being struck by lightning (voltaphobia) prevents me from posting any condescending comments about pentacostals at this time.

Homer: you just know that Yohan Heenatigala and Komal Singh sounded just like Apu.

This story is a very sad commentary on the cultural and religious intolerance that exists in our contry.

It's also funny as hell.

That would scare me. I'm trying to read a magazine or a book waiting for takeoff, and these dudes deploy the emergency shrine and begin telling everyone that their last hour is near? I'd say "Let me off the plane NOW!"

It might have all just been a ploy to distract you so they could steal ur little bag of honey roasted peanuts...

Damned fundamentalist Canadians

A preachers dream, a captive audience, many already fearing their last moments anyway. It's very hard to get people to condsider the afterlife when the sun is shining and all is good. But lock them up in a metal cylinder that is about to defy gravity, and Hallelujah, save me Jesus.

Fundamentalists - no fun, all mental...


Was the flight going to South Carolina? Just asking.

Elle: "I guess it's a good thing we found out BEFORE we took off." He GUESSES? Gee thanks. Check please! And LET ME THE HELL OFF THIS THING!

I happen to be a pentecostal. Being pentecostal does not mean being a lunatic.

I do not agree with the way these people tried to share their faith. But not all pentecostals are mental. (Though there are some people in Pentecostal ranks that are crazier than a march hare...)

Which book is where Dave writes about trying to fly to Hawaii on Halloween?? And the stewardess was dressed as the Devil or something like that?Makes me think of the Murphy Brown episode where Miles thought he had a heart attack at a Halloween costume party, and Jim was hanging around in the hospital emergency room in a "grim reaper" costume and making people nervous.

Yohan Heenatigala = A hint, yon eagle, AHA!

I wonder if their popularity rating would have been higher if the plane had been hurtling toward the ground?

Right, I don't want the doctor cutting up (ouch!) during surgery. No "oops" comments.


you forgot to add guards at military prisons.

(smile for a few candid photos & all hell breaks loose)

and you dont want your doctor to be wearing a tie - according to something i read earlier this week, the tie your dr is wearing is spreading germs from all the other patients, etc... so no ties! and certainly no ties on airplanes.

As Tim quite rightly points out, Pentecostals don't corner the market on crazy. Why is it that there's just something about religion that appeals to those with, shall we say, a tenuous hold on reality? In my home town, there was a man who was kind and charming when he took his meds. When he didn't, he was still kind and charming, he just thought he was John the Baptist...

Has anyone seen my blog? That is a working testament to insanity. It doesn't take a religious nut to do that.

Lawyers don't have to worry about being funny. They ARE a big joke already.

sounds like they have the same PR guy as the catholics.

"That would scare me. I'm trying to read a magazine or a book waiting for takeoff, and these dudes deploy the emergency shrine and begin telling everyone that their last hour is near? I'd say 'Let me off the plane NOW!'"

Geez, I'm with you there. Had I been on this flight, I'd be dead from fright. If turbulance makes me want to bolt, I can't imagine what two ministers would do.

(That last kind of sounds like a good intro to a joke...)

And then they were put back upon a later flight. Shoulda been as cargo...

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