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May 24, 2004


Now the bastards are mailing snakes.

Key Quote: "And I said: 'There's a what in the what?'"


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I'm just glad they were in the jurisdiction of Kritters Catchers A.D.C. (Animal Damage Control).
Imagine the turmoil if they weren't.....

also..Mailbox Snakes could bagnfarb

There are people who still have mail slots in their doors?

A milk snake likes cool, dark places, such as shady mail slots where it can find the bugs, mice and rats it likes to eat

There are bugs, mice and rats in mail slots too?

A milk snake likes cool, dark places, such as shady mail slots where it can find the bugs, mice and rats it likes to eat.

MY mail slot doesn't have bugs, mice, rats OR snakes. What a gyp.

Baby Snakes
Late at night is when they come out
Baby Snakes
Sure you know what I'm talkin' about
Pink 'n' wet
They make the best kinda pet

And FYI, a milk snake is generally red, black, and either yellow, white, or tan - very similar to a poisonous coral snake, but absolutely nothing like a cottonmouth, which is plain black or brown.

"She was absolutely tripping out," said Police Patrolman Mark Young.


"We have a Code 37...Local civilian is absolutely tripping out." That must be in the *new* manual, along with:

Code 43: Civilian is whack.
Code 44: Civilian is all up in my grill.
Code 45: Civilian is gettin' down with O.P.P. in
a public area.

mudstuffin you're on a role today.

Secondary key quote: "The snake was released on its own recognizance late Tuesday morning into Big Island Wildlife Area."

On his own recognizance? What if he slithers away and skips bail?

Russell: Recognizance Slithering could be their first album...

My friends and I once caught a snake a placed it in a big popcorn tin. Unfortunately, we left it sitting on the patio under the noon sun. Who knew shiny aluminum gets really hot. Note, I did feel bad for it.

yay mudstuffin: go Frank go

they live in a ho-ho-a hole
that is usually empty (usually empty)
[tiny, too]
They live by a co-oh a code
that is usually SMPTE
(which stand for "Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers")
But lately I think
That is what keeps them in sync...
wet and they're pink
I think I'll give em a, give em a,
give em a drink;

"They stored it in a Christmas popcorn tin they usually use to hold dog food until members of the Marion City Police Department arrived "

Talk about versatile: popcorn, dog food, Snakes.

Kritters Catchers would NOT bagnfarb. In fact, it's a real stupid name. Who was that snake catcher in Dallas, again, the guy with the theme song?

Good idea, seal the mail slot. Then you'll have to open your door to get the mail (assuming it wasn't stolen) and the snake will have a better shot at your hand, Patricia.

afurrica: good one. Reminds me of 70s tv cops trying to sound "hip" and making your head hurt, and your sides (with laughter).

was this article written by a 9th grader??? slow news day, eh?

Did the snake have proper postage affixed?

Affurica: Excellent.

The Marion City Police Department arrives at 9:35 a.m EVERY DAY?

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