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May 22, 2004


This is a joke, right? Right?

(Thanks to Savitri)


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Fristage postage!

I'm confused. Where does it actually go?

Dave, you probably wouldn't be complaining about this if the screen flashed sports scores ...

just sayin'

Or various adult materials.

Piss on it! This takes the (urinal) cake!

Did these guys work with the German talking toilet? I mean all this talking in the bathroom now...where can a person go for quiet?

First I was imagining that all bathrooms will now look like the inside of a stadium with marketing and lights everywhere. I suppose they could even install a rally monkey...come on guy don't be shy you can do it.

My second thought was that guys might actually install these in their homes to show adult content...then with the screens in the cars also all men could truely always have pron available. I was thinking shower drain not urinal drain...

I don't think the bloglit calendar can compete....

If they really want something to get a guys attention, how about a game of some sort......

Like target practice?

LOL, Good one, Bangi!

During my adventures yesterday, I took a break between margaritas to relieve myself, and there was a guy in the stall next to me carrying on a loud conversation on his cellphone while doing his business, so I suppose another few voices in the bathroom won't make much of a difference.

"Can you hear me now?"


Bangi: No......we just learn to spell things...

mad scientist: Thanks for the link....I have played that before.....when I had really been drinking...

Stash: I don't know about the Hillary Clinton one....she has probably been there before.....

And , MeL: Adult material wouldn't be good....it's kind of hard to go when you're....er, excited....

At least in my experience...

Well I don't know about you, but I'd love a chance to p*ss on, say, that annoying Ditech.com guy.

They already have anti-drug messages in urinals, so other advertising isn't really a big step. Although if anything starts singing to me from a urinal, I'm going to smash it with a rock.

There are many places you can put your ad, but most of them don't guarantee three seconds of attention, let alone a consumers undivided attention.

PunkyVision LLC® and BangiVision Intl LLC®
today announces rollout of their new innovative advertising plan. Souces say ads emblazoned across Punky and Bangi's bare chests guarantee hours of consumer's undivided attention. Pubic space for smaller logos is available for premium pricing on a sliding scale basis.

PunkyVision LLC®

Chief Executive Officer: Con
Chief Financial Officer: Punky Brewster
Chaos Instigation Officer: MeL
Chief Tactile Officer: eadn
Chief Oo-la-la Officer: Amber Leann
Legal Eagle: Eykis
Research & Development: Lee
Secretary of Morale: Blogchik
Internal Affairs: Mike and Graz
Executive Producer: Psychocat =^..^=
Prop Mistress: judi
Musical Director: Djtonyb
Executive Popsicle Fluffer: rita2398
Producer "Sensual Desserts" Starring Lily
Weasel of Death and Taxes: grimreaper

BangiVision Intl LLC®

Chief Executive Officer: Punky Brewster
Chief Internal Affairs: Bangi_G
Chief Executive Fluffer: Con
Chief Mistress of Cool: MeL
Chief Tactile Officer: Doug Brockmeier
Prop Master: eadn
Assistant Executive Fluffer: Graz
Chief Morale Officr: Blogchik
Chief Spanish Interpreter: evil little pixie
Voiceover Tease Goddess: Susan
Research and Development: mad scientist

Mission Statement: We promise to make Punkyvision and BangiVision well worth every viewer's time and money! -Punky Brewster

Graz is 100% correct. No pee unless it's wee. :) There is a good reason for this. Just think about it...

I've already got Punky and Bangi tattooed on my ass, Bangi, butt for you I'll add an angel with a bent halo and a heart for Punky :)

Bangi, I agree, the smaller the logos are, the better. Ya gotta zoom in really close to read them. :)

One restaurant I'm aware of has installed ultra flat TVs with screens made of something that's 50% reflective, so they double as mirrors. You get to catch up on news or scores, straigthen your appearance, and relieve yourself, all at the same time. Without a question of a doubt, absolutely brilliant.

Word has it that the ladies room was not similarly outfitted.

Bangi: The MOAT just worked for me. What's the going rate for DJ's over there, I'm thinking about taking out an ad :)

O.K., granted it's water proof. But will it withstand.................Pennies???!!!!

Sheesh, if it's not morons on cell phones it's flashing toilets (wbagnfarb). Why don't they invent one that calls out "Flush, you moron!"

I think we're all missing a chance to address a major social problem, here.

Traditionally, unpleasant jobs have been assigned to prison inmates as a part of their rehabilitation.

Now, if we all knew, say, a Presidential Candidate somewhere close by, and could convince him to spearhead a change in anti-spam legislation, we now know places for those lying crapweasels to pitch their favorite worthless products to hundreds of potential customers each and every 12-hour shift, while also performing a useful public beautification project.

Never let a machine do a crapweasel's job, that's what I say.

I had a job once that I quit because even though the boss gave me "other duties as assigned", he wouldn't listen nor make desisions so that I could (lowly me) take action.

As I was whining to a co-worker I said my boss thought no more of me than the screen at the bottom of a urinal. My co-worker replied. "Man, that means you're even lower than the cake!" LOL! :-)

The product being advertised was entirely appropriate for a men's room, it seems to me. Isn't it true that one merely *rents* beer? And yet I feel sad. Here we've got the "best of brews," and we're advocating pissing it away...


I'll take a Manhattan (and Staten Island, too.)


hmmmm...instead of sPammer technology (seems a talking urinal spammer should be spelled with a capital P) why not give the guys another choice: a convex mirror so they could spy on their neighbor's, uh, technique, without being obvious? "Objects in the rear-view mirror are..."

Brad ... he may have done it first ... but we do it better.




Hmm....reading ad on Punky or Bangi....or on a chubby guy........

Two guesses on which ads I would rather see...

And the first one doesn't count.

Ok, I don't want telemarketers calling me. I don't want spam in my email box. I hate pop ups, junk mail, commercials, and billboards. Why in the world would I want to see "coming attractions" while going to the potty? I am glad that I am a woman because no one will ever try to put a stupid ad where it belongs, in the bottom of a human waste receptacle!

Heck no. I'm like the super bowl commercial time slot ... you have to pay top dollar to advertise on me!

No, no..."Super Bowl marketing" is the toilet model. We're talking urinal-marketing here.

Joshkr, I gotta agree with Graz and Con...not to mention a little male "biological understanding" ;-)

If Punky or Bangi had a wardrobe malfunction in my presence, I'd have a function of my own!

Sho' wouldn't be urinal one!! :-)

Ah, the Urinal Bowl ... the Golden Showers are playing the Streaming Targets ... I'm sewing the last minute details onto my penny covered bikini right now ...

Can I find a penny and pick it up?

And all this day, have good luck?

Slightly OT: I went to a Chinese fast food place in a mall food court yesterday. The lady took my order, called it in, took my money and gave me my change--all while talking on her cell phone! She kept talking the whole time I was eating, too. I suspect her bathroom is online so she she can chat while she pees. (Back on topic now) (Sort of)

I think it's clear the origins of this site -- check out the other products page, and think of the applications of the "plant-o-matic" rotating plant stand, so all the plants you grow in confined spaces can be exposed to optimal sunlight...

advertise beer, cigarettes, or your anti-drug ad! (hey wait a minute!)

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