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May 24, 2004


This gives new meaning to the term "Organized Crime."

(Thanks again to Punky.)


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This is a sign of a weighty social problem, and if you're reading this, I'd just like to point out:

I'm first, and you weren't.



if I got arrested for robbing a bank, this is the first thing my mom would want to know, if I was organized about it.

hmm lets see do the laundry, mow the lawn, rob six banks, pick up some milk

Looks like I have a busy day

Dumb Things I Gotta Do Today....

Whaddahey, Punky! Once again ya made POSTING FAME :-)

(Sorry, miLady, but I promised Lily I wouldn't use that pup-tent emoticon anymore ;-)

Gee, guess I need to clean out my Day Timer and delete iPaq files.....

I wonder if he had "hire attorney" and "grease the back door" on his to do list as well.

If you want to get things done you gotta have a list. See?

1. rob bank
2. buy weiners
3. take memory course so I remember to destroy the incriminating evidence after #1
4. go to jail

Not nice to make fun of our Attention Deficit Disordered friends, just tryin' to cope with their disability the best they can...

Note to self: stop putting my crimes on 'to do' notes.

At least it wasn't on a "honey-do' type of list that his wife gave him:

Fix garage door
Kill spider in bathroom
Rob bank
Don't forget to pick up milk!
Remember my mother comes in Friday so don't leave your underwear in the living room

Then he would be not just a criminal, but also whipped

Probably whipped now at any rate

Should have taken a tip from the Chinese crook and swallowed the list...but then he would have forgotten to buy milk and clean the garage...

Speaking of dumb bank robbers, I dated a guy once who had spent time in the federal pen for unarmed bank robbery...of 14 banks. Know how he got caught?

He picked a bank next door to a donut shop. Seriously-I am not making this up.

Is that 'gun', or 'gub'?

We had one here recently who robbed a bank, then went to another branch of THE SAME BANK a mile away and tried to deposit the money.

Dang! That's why I'm broke. I keep forgetting to add 'rob bank' to my to do list. Hmmm. Better put it before drop off dry cleaning, since the dry cleaners stays open longer...

I can just see this guy standing in line at a bank, scratching his head, thinking, 'Damn! I knew I came here for something . . . .'. Then looking at his list . . 'Oh yeah! That's right . . . .'. "Hey! Stick 'em up! . . . ."

"Angie ... you sure know how to pick 'em. :)"

That's exactly what my parents said. :-D Thankfully, the current man of the house is only a former member of the media, just a small step down the reprehensible scale from felon. :)

"Angie ... you sure know how to pick 'em. :)"

That's exactly what my parents said. :-) On the bright side, the current beau is a former member of the media, which is just a small step down from convicted felon. :D

Um. Odd double post. Sorry.

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