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May 27, 2004


maintenance dave.JPG

An old movie tradition is that, when you're done shooting a scene, the actors have to police the set. At least that's what they told me.


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Might just be me, but is that not the most attractive ensemble Dave might wear?

Woowoo! Look at that chest! If that doesn't scream sexy, I don't know what does.

Looks like you're cleaning up the set, not policing it, Dave. Unless you just happen to have a really long nightstick with a sharp end.

He's about to impale his right foot. I want to see the next picture...

Dave --

They handed you a weapon. Use it.

But don't tell anyone I told you to do it...

Hey! Dave changed his shirt! :)

Naw...same shirt, just covered up with stylish maintenancewear

Dave, you sure you're not on the chain gang? What did you do to Leopard Woman anyway?

Actually, I think Dave is cooking those weiners, only with a really long stick. They just aren't showing the campfire in the picture.

Rogue cobra extermination ensemble.

That might be Dave's stunt double. You KNOW film insurance companies wouldn't permit the lead to be placed in harms' way. What if that pointed stick went rouge?

Doesn't Dave have a bachelor's degree in English? If he hadn't gotten his big break in life, this photo would be a pretty accurate portrayal of what he'd be doing for a living.

B.A., English

Isn't it ironic that someone with a B.A. in English calls themself GDogg? ;)

Dave!! you don't need those two commas. Now that you're a movie star, you've [sob] forgotten your grammar.

Oops...big mistake to post this one...OSHA will now fine Dave for placing himself in a hazardous working condition.


You're right. Let me fix that.

Ph.D., English

You can never, have too, many commas, that's what I, say.

...what was it they said was the most popular phrase from English Lit. majors?

"Want fries with that order?"

But then, maybe, it wasn't .......

Look, at least Dave is wearing shoes.
Without those, the picture would be a more accurate portrayal of the occupations of an English Major.

Ooo! Dave's sexy man chest! I'm all a flutter!

Be nice, MeL! I also have a BA in English!

Also a lousy receptionist's job, but I'll be leaving it in 3 months.

"Doesn't Dave have a bachelor's degree in English? If he hadn't gotten his big break in life, this photo would be a pretty accurate portrayal of what he'd be doing for a living.

B.A., English"

HEY! English is a very, VERY useful major that can lead to high paying jobs in many different fields! Lay off, man!

-Angie, unemployed
B.A., English AND Theatre :-)

*What if that pointed stick went rouge?*

If it did it would be funny but not for a guy movie more of a chick-flick happening.

However if it went ROGUE then it would be serious and part of a guy movie. Things should go rogue in guy movie so you can blast 'em with flamethrowers.

Actually, Dave looks like he's in the work release program and wearing his wife's jumpsuit.

I AM being nice!! When am I NOT nice? *whatever you do, don't ask my friend Logan ;)* Shoot...I'm getting my teaching specialization in English!! :)

That and my Eng. prof from my first semester got mad at us one day, wrote Ph.D. on the board, and told us that until we had one, we shouldn't bother correcting him. Fine next time, we just let him look stupid with his words that aren't spelled correctly. :)

every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man....

MeL, I stand witness to the fact that you are nice 99% of the time : )

The other 1% is when things get interesting, and/or scary. But we love you anyway.

D'art are you saying I'm not interesting the rest of the time?? :P

Dave? The chest? Do you wax? Mmmmmmmm. Smooth and hairless!

I say you go read your mail, is what I say. :P

Yeah MeL, but did he tell you Ph.D. stands for "Piled Higher and Deeper"?

Boy, when they need you to star in their film no amenity is too much, but once they've gotten what they want and they have no further need of you, the party's over.

Oh, by the way, you might want to trim those palm fronds behind you. Some of them look kind of brown and dried up.

I sense a theme to all these pictures: Dave and a hoe.

D'art-I read both of em and responded twice. HA! :P

Jeff- no but I did tell him that once I got one of those I wouldn't need him. O:)

what's that i hear in the background? dueling banjos?

Yes indeed. Dave and his studly manly man chest.

All unbuttoned and so on.

Not that I was looking or anything.

And that is the best thing I've seen all day. We can only hope Friday will be an improvement.

Obviously, Dave, you spent time in the Army. When I was with the Army I had to keep telling the folks that they should not put up notices telling civilian contract doctors to "police" up the call room, since, firstly the civilian doctors do not understand militarese, and secondly, since they are not in the Army, you cannot traat them like soldiers.

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."
~ Theodore Roosevelt

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