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May 25, 2004


Dave CaveGirl.jpg

Life on the set has become increasingly harsh and primitive.


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Must be a tough job to work on!

It's her!

Is it just me, or did anyone else think of Wilma Flintstone when you saw that dress?

Oh, it's just me?

Well, I always thought that Wilma was kinda hot.

I want a brave man, I want a CAVE man...

Okay, anyone else wondering why the lady appears to have a pony keg hidden under her skirt?

Perhaps they need it to wash down the hot dogs?

Nice ramparts, I could do without the "flying buttress" if you follow my drift.

Is Dave referring to the shirt or Wilma? Yes Graz, very Flintstonesque.

Nice ramparts, BUT

Why does it seem that this woman's body is somehow very strange and "twisted"...... We need to talk to Dave about his taste in women........

Now just a minute, what does Michelle think about this floozy? Dave, you better have a really good explanation for this one!

Dave's shorts are so nicely pressed ...

You make all metrosexuals proud, Dave. ; )

A metrosexual wouldn't wear that blue shirt, Punky!

Don't discourage him, Bangi. He's doin' alright ... he just needs a little encouragement.

Oops, blogchik ... I called you Bangi ... my coffee has yet to kick in!

My apologies, hon.

I think he's referring to the loss of his private trailer. Notice the parking spots sorta empty, especially the handicapped one.

Hey, no harm no foul, Punky. I don't mind getting mixed up with her! :)

Hey, isn't that the same dead chick from yesterday's bed picture?

She looks more like Venus de Milo to me. And that would make Dave...David! Another reason to lose the shirt.

Gregg: "Johnny Get Angry." Good one.

Notice the shirt never changes.

Was the leopard dress the reason Dave went with the "primitive" header?

Ramparts are OK, but she's no Mrs. Lima.

Dave;I see that this film of yours is being shot on very exotic locations. A parking lot, a Motel 6 (did they leave the lights on?), and a boat dock.Can we expect to see more?


Let's ride
with the family down the street!
Through the
courtesy of Fred's two feet!
When you're
with the Flintstones,
you'll have a yabba-dabba-doo time,
a dabba-doo time,
you'll have a gay old time!

You're welcome.
And, how can you possibly NOT know that?

Let's count noses now...one...two. Check.

Now the hands...Dave's left hand is in his pocket...his right is on the Leopard Girl's shoulder. Check. Her right hand is behind her back...and her left hand is...uh, where is her left hand, Dave?

Dave in That Shirt has the potential to become the next roaming gnome or "tourist guy" (remember him?).

Ladies 'n' gentleman, start your Photoshopping!

Is that judi?

oh i wish. ;)

What's with the ferret on her left shoulder?

Dave is the ferret on her left shoulder; his hand is the critter on her right.

Bedroom escapades, now cavewomen in parking lots!
I must have that shirt so my life will be complete!!!

Somewhere in Miami there's a 1968 Pontiac GTO missing seat covers.

Looks like Wilma's top half is saying yes, but her bottom half is saying NO!!

Also, I'm totally digging on those man-sandals, Dave. But do you really think they say "Guy"?

Does anyone want to contribute to the "Buy Dave Barry a New Shirt" fund?

The reason cavewoman's hips are rotated away from Dave is the smell of him wearing the same shirt for weeks in a row. An instant after the picture was snapped, she ran away upwind, gagging. Sorry, Dave, sweetheart, but someone had to tell you and your little flunkie-movie-set-yes-men won't.

We still love ya. We love you more when you're downwind from us.

Mrs. Bruce: Nothing says "guy" like really ugly sandals. If he was wearing them with black socks, it'd say "old guy." Any guy who cares all that much about how he looks in sandals has slipped out of "guy" territory and onto that slippery slope of metrosexuality.

Lairbo: "Mrs. Bruce: Nothing says "guy" like really ugly sandals. If he was wearing them with black socks, it'd say "old guy."

Or maybe European Guy.

Actually, now that I look at the picture more intently it looks like she really has to go to the bathroom and Dave has both her hands in his right hand and, for some reason, won't let her go. Let the lady pee, Dave!

I dunno... notice how the picture is carefully cut off RIGHT at toe level? To hide a PEDICURE, maybe???

And Dave has that "deer in the headlight" stare that says "I'm too damn old to stay up all night partying like I did in college." And "did I remember to rob the bank and buy those tampons?"

Jeff: "European Guy" requires the presence of sandals, socks and a giant backpack. At least that's what they always wear when they come here.

Maybe those are Dave's stunt sandals.

Ooh! Blogchik sizzles too! I wanna watch! :-)

(I had to say that! ;-)

Oh, on-topic: I will gladly offer my flamethrower for a ceremonial burning of The Shirt when the movie is done!

I would have offered MY flamethrower, eadn, but I need it to clean my apartment.

Elle, speak for yourself! I have a pair of Tevas. I love them. They're my favorite sandals. So comfy! Mold to your feet!

I also have a pair of Teva flip-flops that are great.

Maybe the problem is that the Tevas are so old that they look crappy. Why not buy him a new pair of Tevas?

Elle, is the problem wearing sandals when sandals are not called for, or that they are excessively casual?

They do make leather Tevas. I covet a pair. Of course, they are still on the casual side, but less so than the nylon ones.

Lairbo, the reason Europeans lounge around in cafés all day is to watch the American tourists and make fun of them (don't you remember Dave's posts on his trip to France?).

The young Americans who come to Europe ALWAYS wear Tevas or some similar sandal with white socks. And they carry backpacks so enormous that I expect them to fall over backwards at any moment. They're always these high tech camping ones with three hundred straps and doodads hanging from it. Once I saw a kid with dirty socks hanging from his! The men invariably wear shorts and the women either dresses or jeans.

Personally, I preferred Betty Rubble. Wilma was a complete bitch. My favorite of the kids was Bamm Bamm.


What's so wrong with the shirt???

I like it!

Then again I am partial to all things Hawaiian-esque.

MeL, The Shirt has a half-life longer than a Twinkie ;-)

Is you-know-who in trouble down in Fla?

A bank robber wasn't hiding from surveillance cameras. In fact, police say the bank robber wasn't hiding from surveillance cameras. In fact, police say the bank robber, dressed in a bright Hawaiian shirt, even kissed the cash before he took off.

Good thing Dave shaved off that mustache, or he'd be in the hands of Miami Vice right now.

Elle, what's wrong with leather Tevas?

Have a frabjous day.

I tried to resist saying it, but I just couldn't.

"He may not be Fred Flinstone but he can make your bed rock."

Marie (et al): From what you're saying and what I've observed stateside, shorts, backpacks and sandals (socks, optional) is the international uniform of travelers. It guess it's fashion esparanto for "I don't care how I look and I'll never see you people again, anyway."

It may not be true anymore, but acquaintances of mine who've lived in Yurrip told me they could always spot 'Mericans by their white sneakers and stonewashed jeans.

Also, thanks for the Raquel pic. I'm with the Betty crowd in the Betty v Wilma debate, although Dennis the Menace's Mom (comic strip not TV show) was pretty hot.

Go Teva-tans!

That shirt is obviously a major chick magnet.

And if he's worn it a number of days in a row, well, she might be French, ya know . . .

That had BETTER be Dave's wife. I'm just sayin'. My god the man has *children*!

djtonyb said: Atouk Tala Zug Zug?
OMG! That was a hilarious movie! I'm cracking up remembering the stoned T. Rex!

Dave, let the lady go, you can see she needs to go to the bathroom!

DJ, don't forget, "No playing the hilarious* joke in which the man comes home with a mastodon eyeball in his mouth. And no preserving meat in the man's armpits.

*So marked the inventon of sarcasm

Anybody can look suave with the right shirt

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