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May 24, 2004


dave bedfellows2.JPG

One of the great things about shooting a movie is that you get to make all kinds of new friends.


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hey, that looks like me in that bed with you two...what happened? is that why i'm so tired this morning? how did you...? did you...?

::waxwing rushes off to make doctor's appointment::

Is this from that ranch?

Soooo Dave, where's your left hand????

That reminds me of the episode of Full House where Danny and Becky are trying to shoot a commercial for "Wake up San Francisco" and they're in a bed witha couple and the theme music plays and they pop up and Danny accuses Becky of being to Pop-tarty when sitting up...

And don't those people know that you're supposed to blow out candles before you go to bed? It's a fire hazard!

It's right here.

Dave's shirt clashes with that bedspread. Who's art directing this epic, anyway?

Dave Barry lives in a mirrored reality...

But this one is my left hand, right? And that means since the other one is the only one left it must be left also. So I have two left hands, right? oh no...

that cute guy looks a liiiitttttttttttttle too comfy, there, dave.

I don't know, I think the dude looks dead.

I'm gonna throw out my Hawaiian shirts. Thanks, Dave.

Those aren't pillows!


The Post Office obviously misplaced my invitation.

AP Newswire:

"The Throbbing Juggernaut that was the Dave Barry for President campaign took a downward turn this weekend as the Presidential contender was exposed while engaged in a Ménage à Goober with two interns who may or may not have been deceased.

At this time, police have Barry surrounded in his Swelling Trailer of Love, where the Presidential candidate is holding sharpshooters at bay by waving his shirt at them. The situation is growing tense as time, and beer, are quickly running out."

I see no expense was spared (or expended) on set design for this movie. I hope the NoTel Motel gets listed in the credits.

She looks happy... He looks stunned... What did you do Dave?

Tomorrow's Man: good one.

I see Dave made it to the Fetish Farm after all, even if he didn't have time to change his shirt. Frankly, he looks like he isn't even aware that he's in bed with Ken & Barbie without his pants.

Way to go, Dave!

I don't know, I think the dude looks dead.

Yeah, I agree. Kinda reminds me of Weekend at Bernie's.

I have to say, though, the Visigoth on the left (my left -- not Dave's) looks a lot better than the ones in the other pictures.

Poor Dave - He thought he was ordering the large pizza with SPECIAL TOPPINGS - dial carefully next time Dave !!!


This pic is titled 'dave bedfellows2.jpg'

Sooo, what happened in 'dave bedfellows1.jpg,' Dave? Did judi put it up for auction on e-Bay?

Hey Dave, where's the picture of Judi that you promised us?

Was this what the extra package of hot dogs was for?

Say it ain't so, Dave!

Can I be an extra in the urinal scene?

I want to be Guy D - the one who pees in the corner.

Wow... this is great. I can make a lot of money off this. Us Canadians love looking at pictures that make Americans look goofy. And heck, throw in a guy who looks disheveled, and dead, you really got a winner!

Throbbing Juggernaut wbagnfarb.

Does a throbbing juggernaut trip a lot?

Sounds sort of like a lost Dr. Seuss book...

And now, an excerpt from "Horton Hears a Throbbing Juggernaut":

Horton heard a bonging pot,
Horton heard it bong alot!
Horton checked on the pot
and found a Throbbing Juggernaut!

It wore a loud Hawaiian shirt,
with a strange gank and Floridian gurt!
It said "My name is Dave
and I write alot!
When I'm not tripping
over your pot!

It tripped and it juggered,
it nauted and sagged!
It drank beer and wore a queer
"SSENGER" bag!

It tripped alot
and alot it throbbed
this Dave-named swelling juggernaut!

And for President it kept running
and tripping alot,
On the bodies of interns
in its three-person bed!
and the fishy fish picture
over it's head!
This furgledy-dot shirted

okay, I'll stop now.

(Wipes away tears of joy) Tomorrow's Man, that was beautiful.

T-Man: you the man!

High Quality! Well Dome TM!

In the immortal words of Elvis Presley, "Thank yew, thank yew verah mudge."

T-Man, between the AP newsire and Horton, ya throw a Terrific one-two punch :-)

My new slogan is "Brockmeier! In trouble!"

It works.

Thanks, eadn. I think I'm going to get in touch with the Country Fetish Farm in Iowa about staring a Ménage à Goober Room at the B&B. I have a feeling it will be very popular with humor columnists and Iowans alike.

Too bad poor Sophie won't get to see her daddy in his movie, as it surely will be getting a PG-17 rating!

is this the part of your political campaign where you speak out against health issues like STDs and AIDS? Or is this where you show how you shall personally further our children's "education"?
You know, if you have pictures of John Kerry like this, i think you could sweep the polls.

You know what they say about those graduation parties...

Hmmm, a "ssenger suit" and helmet. A chihuahua named Sidekick. Mutton chops. Visigoths. And now a triad (as that old David Crosby song put it).

Just what kind of sick movie is this anyway? :-)

Dave forgot to put on his green gloves, point, raise a thumb and smile...

Looks like Prince William will get some bad press concerning his recent vacation in Miami.

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