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May 21, 2004


They could do stuff like this.

Key Quote: He has previously enlivened debates by bringing skulls, rats and human organs into the chamber.


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Maybe he was just trying to give him a buzz.

Wow, that Moreno guy is a party dude! Scorpions, skulls and human organs are very original party favors! Lets be sure to invite him to our next party!

As in the bad eighties band????

"Pro-Uribe Sen. Claudia Blum jumped on a chair until a police officer stamped on the scorpion"

Glad to see the police are on top of things in Columbia if this happened in DC the scorpion probably would have mowed down half the senate before the cops responded.

Lee - I can bring extra body parts from the lab as party favors. Just saying....

Guess you'd be more apt to pay attention and see both sides clearly.

Or one side rather horrifically, hey MeL?!

Perhaps he mis-read my mind. I was thinking of posting shocking pictures on my blog to get more attention.

Gotta do what ya gotta do to get the vote right, eadn? ;)

and if the scorpion had ramparts...

Actually it would be cool to see what our congresspersons would bring to gain the attention of the US voters. Would the preference go by state image? Maine people bring giant lobsters, Washington folk bring geoducks, Ohioans bring the dreaded buckeyes?

Buckeyes can leave a nice lump on a forehead, if throw hard .....

Especially if thrown from 2 feet away...

My brother used to throw buckeyes at me.

Blum: "My distinguished colleague and dear friend (translation: you rat b*stard), I believe we simply cannot allow this bill to go through with so much unnecessary pork attached to it."

Moreno: "Heh heh....that ain't pork."

If our Congress was like this, ratings for CSPAN would go through the roof. Of course they would have to add some Asian Parlimentary brawls in there, with some 2 month old voters and you've got a hit on your hands.

Survivor Congress: Who will get eaten alive first?

Ah, but have you ever made the chocolate+peanut butter candies called buckeyes? Don't throw 'em, eat 'em. gobble gobble

BMX: they could make it pay-per-view and I'd still watch with those additions. LOL!


*error* there was nothing on the web site, at least not that my uncaffeinated eyes could see. trick or treat? april fool? what up w/that?

"Well, I just read George Will's thoughts on grammar. He calls the piece "A Dash of Comma Sense." I happen to think this article paints him as one of the most pretentious and obnoxious snobs on the planet."

Byrne, well said, and he always was. I always want to pick him up by his bow tie and hang him inside his locker, something I'm sure happened to Georgie many times in childhood.


Nevermind...after turning off one of the filters on my 'puter and rechecking your blog addy, the words magically popped up on the page like a ground hog in Punxatawny. So, I'm an idiot, what can I say?

I think congressmen wearing capes and Mexican wrestler masks (or, Strongbad, if you prefer) and a few well-placed folding chairs in the House of Representatives would liven things up considerably. It'd make C-Span more fun to watch and, let's face it, not really lower the level of debate appreciably.

Either that, or bring back dueling.

We don't need to bring back dueling, we just need to find another Aaron Burr. Even though he's most famous for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Burr also tried to secede from the Union as governor of New York, attempted to found his own empire, spent most of his money on prostitutes, and sired an illegitimate son when he was in his 80's. See? All politicians today need are a few good role models.

[No self-promotion this time. See? I do have a sense of decency. That, and I don't want to hurt waxwing's feelings if there's more filter-based trouble]

Congress and CSPAN can definitely use livening up. What about bringing back the concept of Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" as a means of thinning the herd, as it were, as well as getting some monster tv ratings. I know I'd watch, especially if Anthony (The Whiner) Weiner was New York's sacrificial lamb, I mean selection.

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