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May 28, 2004


Fortunately, this is not what it looks like.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Wow! First!

He went through life with the last name "Kibble"?

And "Llama Kibble and the Ashes" might bagnfarb.



The aunt must be nuts. The animals are worth a lot.

Claim these ashes, anyone. please..

"Dalai llama"
OUCH! (but I still liked it!)

Despite the warning, I still got excited when I saw the headline and thought the worst....

Well, hello Dalai, I said hello, dalai....

Llama Llama Ding Dong....

mmmmmmm, llama.

los lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllamas!!

Good one, Bangi. Dalai it is. So we don't get to read some grotesque tale of friends feeding Burt to the llamas. Rats. Actually it almost reminded me of the last verse of this song.

Oh, and Lamapedia wbagnfarb.

Hola senors y senoritas!

Buenas noches!

Esta noche presentamo con mucho gusto, informacion muy interesante circa de la LLAMA!!

Que vive in rios grandes como el Amazones!!


El tiene dos ojos, un corazon, un friente y un pico para comer miel!!

Los llamas, son mas grandes de las ranas!!

La llama es muy peligroso Y si tu miras de gente nadan, grito:


Cuidado, cuidado, cuidado, llamas!


Cheeseball - this is what google translator does to your comments...which are almost as funny in spanglish as in spanish!

Hello senors and senoritas! Good night! Tonight presentamo with much taste, very interesting information circa of the Llama! That it lives in great rios like the Amazones! THE AMAZONES! It has two eyes, a heart, a friente and a tip to eat honey! The flames, are but great of the frogs! The flame is very dangerous and if your sights of people swim, shout: TAKEN CARE OF! FLAMES! Care, care, care, flames! OLE!

How do you say "danger" in Spanish? I believe that in the Monty Python sketch that cheeseball quoted, the line that they yell is "Danger, llamas".

I would love to inherit this guy's llama farm! Is it in Colorado or Texas? The original article is in a Colorado newspaper, but the above address is for Texas. I will even claim his ashes and bury them or scatter them or keep them on the mantle. Tell me who to call.


try jenny at 867-5309.

leave message.

If it's someone's birthday, try sending a shout-out to 1-800-634-5789. You'll get on the radio and get national attention.

Jenny is my daughter's name! You got the wrong number...

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

that's what I meant jess.

call your daughter right now, she has some important news for you about this guy's llama farm.

*winks at miss cleo*

My daughter is three years old. Sorry Miss Cleo, you are a fraud, but you are probably rich.


I told her that you called her a rich fraud.

she's said to tell you that she is so sorry and that you're actually half right.

oh, and she wanted me to see if you could lend her a couple of dollars for a new ouji board.

Which half is right? Anybody can get a ouji board cheap; just go to about 3 garage sales, you're sure to find one! Watch out what you conjure though; playing with fire is dangerous. The spirit world does exist, and they are not all happy like Casper!

Which half is right?

ummm, I thought the part about LENDING HER SOME MONEY would give it away.......

*thumbing frantically through Humor For Dummies book*

Bangi, I have it on my home comp. I'll post it when I get home, or if someone else has it please post it.

I'll be home early tonight......the boss just told me to use my judgement as to when to send everyone home.

My judgement tells me that 7pm is the best time.

I'm not Graz, but I can post the chat room link here.

*pictures Homer Simpson and Miss Cleo as a couple*

Hmmm... it could work.

ok. Listen Homer, you asked for money, therefore she is not rich; then you wanted to buy her a new ouji board, therefore her psychic abilities are lacking or she is a fraud. SO I was understandably confused about your feeble attempt at humor.

Mike, Bart would set Miss Cleo's hair on fire if she was his stepmom.

Um, sorry to butt in here Jessica, but Homer made basically two statements:

1. Miss Cleo is either rich or a fraud.
2. Miss Cleo is not rich and she's a fraud.

Now, I'm no expert in logic, but I'm pretty sure there's no ambiguity there.

And jeff, love that song. do you know what Abos are? I didn't know until I worked on a cruise ship & started hanging out with Aussies; Abos are Aborigines, which is why that one verse was banned (in Singapore? Hmmm... can't imagine them banning things there.)

jodacious: I knew that. Aussies shorten EVERYTHING, as in "shrimp on the barbie" so why not "abos"?

We might have a couple of Aussies here who could give us a longer list. ?

gday Jeff, howyergoinmate. Yair, Abbo's were aborigines. Lately, since the PC mob have been giving everyone the its, they are Koories. And yair, I can even shorten Llamas. With a chain saw.

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