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May 22, 2004


Flatulent Bulldogs

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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First! Ha, beat my sister, Ima.

There are so many bad puns here that I won't even start...

James Hogg, who was govenor of Texas at one point or he did something important *he even has a county named after him-I think* Anyways there's always been the joke *but it's quite possible that it's true* that he named his daughters Ima and Ura. It's been a day or two since 7th grade TX history and I have probs remembering what's true and what's not.

shouldn't the Kerry Ramparts have one this award? They were at Cannes working hard...
elfbrains I think she needs some tweaking

won the award not one it. Ok maybe my brain needs some tweaking

Mom and Dad liked Ima best.

Sheeza, I think I work with your sister, Ima ... She's in middle management, right??

Coem to think of it, I think many people work with your sister...

Hey, I'm trying for promotion to middle management right now......

Does this mean I have to become posterior headwear?

You can always hope!

Graz ... you will never be a member of the Nasshat family in my eyes, Love.

Notta was always my favorite, out of all of them.

I take exception to that!

Awecia Wazza was always the hopeful one, if I remember correctly.

That was her maiden name. She married Garbanzo Noscarmeyerweiner.

Not to knock flatulent bulldogs, but kitty-breath can stun pretty well too!


Ima Hogg was real, she died in 1975. Ura never existed, just a gag I suppose.

Ima Hogg....won't even go into how cruel that is and on how many levels.

Especially if she was really attractive, clever and successful. I suppose if Boss Hogg could be mayor of Hazzard, then anything goes in Texas, huh?

I used to have a wonderful little book called REMARKABLE NAMES OF REAL PEOPLE by John Train. He supposedly researched this and had proof that they were as advertised, names of real people.

Some favorites:

Suparporn Poopattana
Gaston J. Feeblebunny
Mary Louise Pantzaroff (!)
Mustafa Kunt (no lie)
Humperdink Fangboner
George Baretits, US Army
Cinderella Hardcock
Aphrodite Chuckass
Sodawater Bottlewalla
Mrs. Belcher Wack Wack (sounds like something Dave Barry and W. C. Fields could come up with)

If you ever see this little book, buy it!

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