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May 10, 2004


An important new product.

(Thanks to denis mckervey)


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Oh, judi! It sure isn't Johnny Depp.

Darn that black mold! I've tried rubbing and scrubbing, but it keeps returning!

Is she French? Oh, wait, she is wearing something.

*strokes Punky* ;-)

I dunno, I hate possums and she really looks like she should check into a hair-removal clinic.

Maybe if the fur was party-colored instead...?

I've been an innocent bystander for the last couple weeks, but wow Punky, that was pretty risque.

Great job, keep up the dirty work!

Rats, it's too late to buy mom some possum-fur nipple warmers for mother's day!

So many very inappropriate comments...I'll be have.

The Chia people are working overtime to rush their version of this to market on time for the summer gardening season.

Uhh...behave even.

So how does NZ money convert to American dollars? Can I afford this novelty item that will be "talked about for ever more"?

This explains why my wife is always playing dead in the bedroom.

Today's word for the day:

Function: adjective
Etymology: L prurient-, pruriens, present participle of prurire to itch, crave; akin to Latin pruna glowing coal, Sanskrit plosati he singes, and probably to Latin pruina hoarfrost -- more at FREEZE
: marked by or arousing an immoderate or unwholesome interest or desire; especially : marked by, arousing, or appealing to unusual sexual desire
- pru·ri·ent·ly adverb

So MKJ, does that bump us all up a bit on the kinky test? :-)

MeL, You? Behave? When did this start?! ;-)

How do I decide whether to order the g-string in small, medium or large? I mean, would ordering small be an insult, or would large be the insult?

You could order all three to account for various states of trim.

Excellent, Big Dan!! Women finally have a response to Viagra, et al!

I didn't notice; does this fetching ensemble come with a flea and tick collar?

I don't see the matching plumbers ..eh ...

Possum fur nipples warmers: $7.50

Possum fur thong: $10.00

Knowing that you're snuggling with a part of a dead, over-sized rat-looking thing: priceless

sorry LM... there's just too much to read, y'know?

*spits Diet Coke at the monitor*

LOL...good one, mudstuffin!

Elle wrote, "OR you could just stop waxing and get them for free......."
(But I'm assuming this only works for the bottom half for us ladies)

A smart person would have used beaver.

Yeah, I think there is a category of animal that should be excluded from being made into intimate apparel.

Skunk comes to mind. Carp also. Armadillo. You get the idea.

Possum fur nipple warmers are multi functional.
--Oh the possibilities are endless

Great for cushioning your nipples
--Yes the chaffing is unbareable
by placing inside your bra, protecting from cold and excessive "show through"
--but what fun is life without a little show through

and fun to wear with the fur facing out as pictured.
--I have to say I can't imagine wearing them with the fur facing in
Keep them warm and make someone smile.
--I thought they were suppose to keep me warm not the other way around. Smiling? I think perhaps giggling hysterically.

Punky - I will model them for the calendar fur side out.

What no ode to possum poems?

"....fur work is done by hand." The best always
is. Bada ding.

A furry G-string - isn't that, er, redundant?

I kinda think it's redundant too Lmd33. God knows how much time women- including myself- spend engaged in unpleasant activities so that we are NOT furry in a g-string!

So here's my question: What's the diff between "unfit for the office" and "WARNING (BLAH BLAH BLAH LONG ACRONYM THAT PROBABLY MEANS SOMETHING)"?

Elle says, "Hey, it's so bad down there that I have to cover it with roadkill"?

Being from Georgia..I am going out collecting tonight! If any of you ladies are interested in some fine domestic Possom..Uncle Pine-cone has your product!

judi, thanks once again for the equal-opportunity post. 8-)

Nothing says love like roadkill lingerie. A good anniversary gift for sure.

Roadkill Underpants might bagnfarb, if it's one of those weird experimental bands.

Alex, I think you were right the first time. Roadkill Lingerie is a great nfarb.

Hey..don't y'all (yes..y'all) be stealing my nrarb!! Roadkill Honeymoon!!

Dave will back me up that I entered this a couple of years ago.

Coming to you in music stores...very soon.

how about Roadkill honeymoon and the Furry Lingeriettes

Factotum: Important distinction.

WARNING: DO NOT OPEN AT WORK, OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G means "Or If You Don't Want Your Mom To Think You're (Not Your) Gay".

That warning refers specifically to hunky (possibly half-nekkid) men -- which is kind of Judi's trademark or benchmark or something.

Clearly Judi made use of the more general, but lesser-used "Osborne" warning because this link was to a half-nekkid girl.

Not trying to talk out of turn -- and anyone correct me here.

coming this summer to a theater near you...

Cameron Diaz as - The Girl
Keanu Reeves as - The Boy

I hate to take the fun out of the prurient roadkill discussions, but the NZ possum isn't the same critter as the American possum. In fact, it's not even from NZ. It's from Australia. It's an introduced species, and a huge pest - a bit like Elvis clones only smaller and there are more of them. Ironically, wiping them out (of NZ) is the ecologically correct thing to do. Even more ironically, they are endangered in Australia.

In any event, the fur is very soft - like mink or chinchilla. It is blended with local merino wool, and the yarns are used to make sweaters and the like. I picked a sweater up last time I went to Auckland. Bloody expensive, but really nice.

There are a lot of pests here in America. Rats, mice, birds, Tom Daschle, etc. But good God fearin people don't go turning our pests into underwear.

I cannot IMAGINE a woman looking at you with love in her eyes when you give her a possum G-string. You wouldn't get any for two months, and even if she WAS aroused by the gift and WANTED to go for it, you probably wouldn't want any...

by placing inside your bra, protecting from cold and excessive "show through"
--but what fun is life without a little show through

I think show through would remain a problem, but at a greater scale. Can you picture them under a close fitting sweater? Instead of normal protrusions, you'd have these big furry discs. That's a hell of a first impression:

"She seems like a decent gal, pretty & all, but I just can't get past the furry nipples."

I'll bet Granny Clampett had a bunch of those.

Hey Jon, thanks for the visual I didn't need.

Now I can't get Irene Ryan out of my head!


Hey Zheeeem, looks like no one really read a word you wrote. What a shock! ;-)

"Not really, Lmd33. What about those poor, chilled people with their nether parts Brazilian waxed or worse?" - djtonyb

I can see you point, but something about spending lots of money, time and pain in getting a Brazillian wax, then spending more money and time to replace what you just spent a lot of money, time and pain getting rid of, just screams 'poor management' to me.

It's all amazing stuff. Don't knock it till you have tried it!


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