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May 30, 2004


We have a biter in Butte.

(Thanks to J.R. Absher)


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"...he forced his arm further into her mouth."

sounds like a weird judge fetish to me. Did she swallow or spit?

hey, this sounds like the basis of a great new reality show. Bite the Judge...........

It's the Mike Tyson Conflict Resolution Technique being put to good use all over again.

Just check out www.duckboy.com for more Montana fun...

Sounds like the judge was looking for trouble to me. Instead of just letting her go he followed her and provoked the confrontation, not to mention shoving his arm down her throat (or whatever).

D'Art: Good one on Mike Tyson.

I think really in the end you just have to ask yourself, "What would Wapner do?" (WWWD)

Oh and I find the defendant, um, Knot...oh, oh not.... not...not...not... gill......gill.....gill...... gill....Guilcup! Not guilcup! You have been found, Not Guilcup!!

Mark Twain describing a fight: Thrusting my nose firmly between his teeth, I threw him to the ground on top of me."

I thought you were supposed to *kiss* the judge's ass so he'd let you off easy.

so, the judge was bitten in the 'butte'?

ps. the local butte highschool team is called the 'pirates'(no joke) my husband wants a 'butte pirates' t-shirt.

Her name is *AERIAL*? So this was an aerial assault? (Etc.)

"butte pirates"

LMAO! :-)

"Butte Pirates" Yet another name for a rock band.

BMX ---

Apparently I am the only one who gets your MP reference...

There are some things to remember here:

When in court, you do not leave until you are permitted to by the judge.

You do not swear.

You do not cop a tude with a judge.

If you do ANY of these things, the judge has every legal and moral right to put you bewtocks in jail.

Naturally biting the judge is also a no no...

You're not the only one to get the MP reference thank you, and thanks to BMX3 for posting it. it is part of one of my very favorite episodes - spanish inquisition -

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