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May 25, 2004


Don't click here if you are easily offended, OK? Really.

(Thanks to Michelle Tourigny)


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Tee hee....First

Hmmmmm, now how is that name pronounced?

My professor is a real $!@%!...

Boy, that is one dumb !^$#^(

Yes, ^@&^&!, you!!

What a good little ^!$!%~%$#

I could go on and on here folks...

How does he answer his phone at the office?


"F*ck here."

"Adolpho F*ck."

There is no acceptable answer.

Also, how many times did he get into a fight just because his mom sent someone after him?

"F*ck, your mother (Whack!) says (Whack!)its time for (Whack! stop hitting me! (Whack!) dinner!"

and he's married to a woman named juana, right?

Nope....she's called Anita.

Also....did you notice there's a link below listing "Positions"?? It's not as interesting as you'd think, tho....

There once was a man named Rhienhardt,
a name which seems cruel enough

"At least I'm not a Dick Gephart"
he was often heard to huff

"of all the world's bad handles,
like Poindexter or Jehosephat,

None of them can hold a candle
to the one they call a Nasshat."

Nicely done, mudstuffin.

Is it any wonder that one of his major areas of study is volcanic rocks?

and he was born in Piratuba

This guy needs to participate in the "get a new identity" program.......

It's a good last name. Short, sweet and to the point. I like it.

Wonder if people call him hardt for short...

Nobody's commented on the fact that he seems to go by his initials. R.A.

"You, R.A. F---!"

heh heh.

It's probably pronounced Fook.

There's a Czech word that sounds VERY close to this but means "...you don't say.

They also have a tendency to say "no" as short for "ano" which means "yes".

Makes for interesting conversations. They say "F*ck", you say "Sex?", they say "No" and you walk away.

("Sex" is universal, just like "taxi".)

Can be quite frustrating.

If I had known about this guy when I took Geology in college I would have cited his work in every paper I wrote.

Public Service Announcement:

Be careful if you take a French child to a US zoo to see the seals

My first reaction to this guy's name was "that poor bastard" but somehow that seems inadequate.

If this guy's smart he'll book a lecture tour of the U.S., pronto. Who even cares what he talks about. We're talking sold-out stadium-size venues. I'd want dibs on being his limo driver, just for the kick of being able to say "We gotta get the F**k out of [name of city here]", repeatedly.

It's amazing what turns up when you Google curse words, isn't it?


His poor kids - Les, Ivana, and little George W.
... not to mention their faithful doggy, Style ...

It's amazing what turns up when you Google curse words, isn't it?

Is it?

I don't get it. A Brazilian geologist, so what?


These are the Gits dear.

This is Snivelling Little Rat-Faced Git, and this is is wife, Dreary Fat Boring-Old Git. And their children, Ghastly Sotted Cross-Eyed Git, and Horrible Vicious-Little Git.

"member name" ha. i just got that.



I once knew a guy named Richard Cox, of course every one just called him Dick Cox.

So if this guy discovers a cure for genital herpes and they name a university after him ... it will be F*ck U?

I see nothing humorous here.

This guy'd have a hard time Googling himself at work.

That, and I wonder how many internet BBs he's been banned from..."No really! It's my last name! Seriously!"

That little F*** sure wrote a lot of books...

Check out the window title bar. Mr. Fück is a member of 'GINA. hehehehehehe



I don't know if anyone here follows basketball outside of the US, but if you did, you'd have a lot of fun watching Barcelona's team play. The Barça has a player called Gregor Fucka. In its own way, it's even more fun than Fuck as a last name.

I think I'm going to start using the name "Marie in Barcelona" so no one gets confused. Later, if I ever get there, it will be "Marie in Paris".

Rita, why do you hate your name? I love my French name!


Oh god, someone said the Fück word.

If you see Kay, tell her I said hi.

Oh Lord! How did he survive junior high????

If only his first name was... say "Norbert". Then the Selected Papers references would all read:

F*ck, N. A.

I lived in Brazil for a while and the name is actually not unusual. I met a dentist with the same name - it caught my attention when I saw the sign over his door.

In Brazil the name would be pronounced "foo-key."

Seriously - go to any phone book for any major Brazilian city and you'll see two or three people, minimum, with that last name.

It still made us laugh so hard we nearly peed every time we walked by his office.

I once heard of a fellow named - and I am not making this up - Richard Harddick, and yes, he pronouced it "hard dick". Worst part is (also not making this up), he was the headmaster at a Catholic boys' school!


well we certainly can't play the 'name game' with this guy...

and you can't do "Chuck" either:

Chuck-Chuck, bo-buck, banana-fana, fo...

My brother has that same problem: Tucker. Poor child was teased mercilessly....we still have no clue what our parents were thinking.

Psychocat... Richard Harddick was the headmaster. That is hilarious.

Semper Thigh!

Colonel Lingus

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