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May 30, 2004


You might want to hold the soy sauce.

(Thanks to Matthew Souders)

This sounds like a job for Kikkoman.


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For sushi that's bouncing and behavin'...

Hmm, that's strange. This soy sauce smells like Grecian Formula....

I love the play on words in "Show Me, Show You, Kikkoman!" Show me shoyu. "Shoyu", of course, being the Japanese word for soy sauce.

MMMM amino acids

Gee your soy sauce smells delicious?

Your soy sauce seems to have extra body today.

*insert other shampoo ads here*

Umm I have to say I found the kikkoman cartoon strangely disturbing and oddly erotic. Is that wrong? I mean that strategically placed white towel was very impressive blowing in the wind, And I have no idea what that writing on his torso said, but I bet it drives the ladies crazy

gives new meaning to 'hairball...'

Maybe soy sauce will come in blond and red hear as well as brunette?

And I quote:

"Show me [hair]!
Show you [hair]!

Soy sauce made from human hair is not the first low-quality food product exposed by state television.

There's also hot dogs, and SPAM.

Waiter, there's a hair in my Won Ton soup......

Human Hair Soy Sauce? Check please! But it WAS cheap. The more you know about how food is made the worse it gets. But then did you ever hear a carrot scream when you pull it out of the ground?

Hydrochloric acid makes it SAFER for human consumption? Again, check please! I am so out of here.

And....I will now conclude my previously delicious Chinese delivery meal...gack.

Should we be concerned that they have a weekly show regarding quality control. And would this be their equilivant to COPS?

Coming from a country that covered up SARS cases, I'd imagine that a weekly show on food sanitation control is relatively tame.

However, isn't the raw fish itself a health risk?

People...it's made out of people!

Okay, not technically people, but parts that used to be attached to people.

"Let us explain.
Kikko punch
The power of the punch which
comes forom Kikkoman's unnecessarily-built body is far more than what you'd imagine.
In addition, since Kikkoman is always using his gloves for brewing soy sauce, you'd
be itchy when you get punched by him!"

The cat says this at the beginning, after a couple pictures. Disturbing!

`100,000 tons of amino acid daily'

Thats 2 pounds per Chinese person per day!

They must be using other body hair to keep up production, do they wax in China?

I'll bet they are using cat horks as well ...

I am seriously disturbed by this. I love sushi, but I'm thinking I need to find another dipping sauce now. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

well, at least it's just hair from people's heads. i mean, it can't be hair from somewhere else, right? even soy sauce manufacturers draw the line somewhere, right?!

Well.... there is a global shortage of ape buttocks hair for some reason!

Soy sauce made from human hair...

I think I am going to vom....


*Insert cunfucious say joke here*

makes me glad I don't eat Chinese food.

It will be a long, long time before I eat sushi again

Makes you wonder what they make sweet and sour out of in China.


Just checked the ingredients on the little package of soy sauce in my desk drawer -- "water, wheat, soybeans, salt". Hmmm, no mention of hair. Oh, and "brewed by: Kikkoman...Walworth, WI". Phew! At least it would be gen-ew-wine 'Murrican hair from the great midwest. Hmmm again, unless there are immigrants in the brewery...

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