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May 27, 2004


Be on the lookout.


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Isn't Memorial Day the official start of snake season?

I wasn't aware that rattlesnakes have buttons. Do people ever push them?

Anytime I see one I automatically declare open season.

j - I was thinking the triangle-shaped buttons were used to keep their skins on. Of course, they unbutton and take their skin off when they want to go swimming.

Seems to me that the increased rattlesnake population should help solve the feral cat problem identified in the sidebar. So what do these yahoos really have to bitch about?

I think we should all remember the most distinguishing factor in figuring out if a snake is a RATTLEsnake.

I hear them thangs taste lahk chicken.

A tip for deciding if it is a snake.

Count its legs.

"Always look for concealed snakes before picking up rocks, sticks or firewood." Aren't they protected by the 2nd amendment?

I worked with someone a number of years ago who killed a rattlesnake with Raid.

Oakdale residents - take note.

Could you kill one with a Roach Motel? I know they are not very effective against moose, but I am think of saving it for my holidays.

Idea for controlling the drug trafficking business: buy a bunch of chickens and geese. They tend to patrol, you know.

I don't know about a Roach Motel - but what would Steve Irwin do? Probably make a big fat bag of cash by showing everyone how dangerous they are by giving them to his kids to play with.

One question while we're on that, if they use snakes to guard a drugs cache what the hell would you need to protect with a crocodile?!

No one has mentioned the line that country areas have a far more rural landscape.

Isn't that kind of redundant?

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