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May 30, 2004


Do not click here.

(Thanks to ElvisOnIce1)


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But what happened to the snake?

Yeesh! All I can say is OWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Notice of course that all we men clicked on it anyway.

"When she investigated, she found that the man was holding his testicles in his hands."

Hmm I must be doing something wrong. Usually when I investigate a snake in someones pants the testicles end up in my hands not his.

Ummm did I just say that out loud? ooooopssss

While removing a snake he pulled at his testicles? Such poor aim! If I had to choose (and I'm grateful for the lack of personal need to do so), I'd say that the other thing looks more snakelike. I would suggest an eye exam.

And I hope he has better aim when peeing, not that jail employees aren't used to such things.

Maybe they were the snake's testicles

Say what you wish, that takes b*lls.

Yes, there was a snake in his pants - it's called a 'penis'. What the heck was he on?

Now he can put them in his wife's purse where they belong, right ladies?

Bet he don't have the balls to do that again.

Lmd33 has the pertinent question here. How much acid did he take?

You just knew we'd click on it anyway, didn't you Dave, you sadistic SOB.

Of course there was a snake in his pants. Sheesh, he's a guy isn't he? (Or at least, he was then.)

I COULD make a tasteless comment about trouser snakes or spitting cobras or pants pythons...
But I won't.

There actually is a logical explanation for all this:

He must've heard about the law that prevents the erecting of large weiners and ripped off his balls in defiant protest. Then once the crystal meth, weed, acid, alcohol, and Prozac (to fight the depression from addiction) wore off, he realized that he couldn't just put them back on again.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty ripped off his balls.
All the police and all the doctors
Couldn't put them back together again.

My cats were horrified, shocked even.

Arthur Nutt, Sidcup, Kent.

He's got his whole world, in his hands.....

Being a police officer does not pay well and it has some really bad points (like the number of people who wish to kill you), but there are little moments like this that make it an attractive job.

Where else will you have to call up a supervisor and say:

Sir, I hate to disturb you, but that guy who attacked us earlier just ripped off his testicles....

Poor guy. My guess is that he was either a paranoid shizophrenic (I've heard of similar incidents) or addicted to hallucinogens.

when do i get to see some animal penis?

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