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May 30, 2004


Stay the hell out of central Florida.

(Thanks to Briank Giovannini)


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Whaddya mean, abandoned? The victims here are the yellowjackets, who were obviously forced out of their tasteful mobile home to make room for another Florida strip mall.

They "calmed" the 200,000 yellowjackets?

Kill 'em all!

I HATE wasps and hornets.

What were they thining? The yellow jackets were obviously added by the tenants of the trailer. Who wouldn't want a vibrating trailer? This was home improvement at its finest.

Let it bee.

Sucks to be the rookie on the exterminating team...

baad no mas... baaaaaaaaad...

was there a RAID ?

I liked the top line," Central Fla was all abuzz".

That writer should be placed in a mobile home with yellowjackets.

"No one knows how long it was there, but the yellow jacket hive was about the size of a minivan and growing." Shit, that's one big freakin' hive. Too bad they didn't make a 50s horror movie about it. It could have been in the THEM! class.

And Huge Hive wbagnfarb.

Is that a giant yellow jacket's nest in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Oooo!

Don't those yellow jacket's know those things are tornado magnets? They should have gotten a duplex or a small townhouse.

I say we hire the yellowjackets as mercenaries to kill the cicadas before we exterminate them.

"Once an exterminator calmed the insects with chemicals, the hive was cut up and removed."

I hear that this is to be the method used during all evictions in all trailer parks across the US

Too bad they didn't send John Ashcroft in to investigate before the bees were "calmed."
(That "calm" does sound like Pentagon-speak, though, doesn't it? So far, we've "calmed" over 5000 Iraqis.)

I'd rather be in a trailer full of yellow jackets than in a trailer full of Republicans.

What weenies we have in modern society. They are no longer "exterminators", but they are now called Pest Control. They don't kill unwanted critters, they "calm" them. (Ever seen a dead thing? Seems pretty calm, don't it?)

If there are people on this earth that are so squeamish that they balk at the idea of killing yellowjackets, rats, roaches, and other assorted nasty little critters, then we should ship them to the Australian bush and let them die there.

Then maybe the rest of us could have our country back.

Cheeseball - I like the way you rant!

I don't mean to rant, I really don't. I just have a mental condition that does not let me tolerate idiots or idiocy in general. My brain sees something stupid and just won't shut up about it. The only way I can make the screaming in my head stop is to vent it in the open.

Sometimes I am kept awake at night by the frigging static in my own mind. It is unbelievable. I have been tempted to hit myself in the head with a bat just so my brain will shutup...

I think it's just a reaction to the geometric increase in societal stupidity since the sixties. You witness countless daily incidents that defy the laws of common sense, much less common decency, and no one else seems to notice. My preferred method of dealing with it all is a tinfoil hat, blackout glasses, and earplugs.


That might work better than the 25 or 30 cocktails a night for me...

On a serious note, one thing I did that helped is I stopped watching primetime TV and the news. I think that that the stupidity explosion is fueled mainly by TV and radio, the judiciary, and public schools. I noticed that when I stopped watching & listening I could think more clearly. My mind wasn't constantly paralized with exasperation at the unabashed and unbridled antics of the idiots. I don't miss anything important, the big news always manages to filter down to me quite quickly, but I've removed the daily fixation on the minutia(sp?) of the moronic.

Why do academics always have such strong and usually incorrect, political convictions?

If you had spent any time in a higher education institution as a member of the payroll or around many who aspire to be, then it becomes very clear.

Whew, it smells funny in here. But we could try it out...

"I don't mean to rant, I really don't. I just have a mental condition that does not let me tolerate idiots or idiocy in general. "

Wow, I have an identical twin! How many more of us are out there waiting to be reunited with the mothership??

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