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May 24, 2004


Two heads are better than one.

(Thanks to Tim Chandler for the story and La Carolia for helping prove that statement wrong.)


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woooo excitement

I may not be first
But I've still got nothin'.
I must be sharp
As an English muffin.

That two-headed terrapin is the cutest thing EVER! I want one!

ACK! Back to me own archives....

creepy as hell, judi. creepy as hell.

Fake or not, the Arizona Devil (page 2) pretty much blows Arizona's shot at becoming the official Christian Country-That-Was-Formerly-A-United-State.

judi, just in case: The flamethrower's set on steady-stream, and just press that lil' engine button down to the side!

That oughta give you a full Refresh with an extra "I can, I can!" with a good shot of wherewithall! :-)

I'd say "aim high" but it don't really matter since s(he)it will just simmer down into the compost-heap anyways ;-)

Likely fake demon skull.

Bangi_Gurl! Bangi!!!!

Such a touch across the miles! I gotta do what I can for your headache!

No NEED, Sweet Sizzling Gurl!

Just rest. (Provocatively as is your nature :-)

Ooh! A little sizzling does give me a branding I'll be proud to show! ;-)

Take Care and Sweet Bloglit Dreams even from the other side of the World!

The two-headed tortoise "can do everything a normal tortoise can do." So basically, it can move around really slow, eat stuff, and poop. :-)

I wonder if it can eat with both heads?

I'm also wondering what's so "unexplained" and "mysterious" about the fact that African Snakeheads can get out of the water and "walk" around a bit. Mudskippers and walking catfish can do it too.

The stork picture "inspired belief in the famous Thunderbird picture." Huh? Anyone know what they're talking about? Just looks like a big stork to me.

P.S. judi, if The Blog comes down against you, I'm sure I don't speak just for myself, but...I'll say we'll beat the 4 Horsemen silly and get Dave to change his shirt! :-)

This is the result of people visiting the fetish farm....

Enough said.

Also, Two Headed Moose Fetus would be a great name for a Rock Band!!!

Cheese_ball: you stole my line! Thanks Tim for sharing this, I think. That moose fetus was not something I wanted to see either before or after eating.

I aim to please! And also to cause projectile vomiting...

Is anyone else upset that the Arizona Devil is only likely a fake?

Key quote: "New users must register to upload or rate images and to send e-cards."

Happy birthday, Grandma! Enjoy your e-card!

Dave, I'm surprised it was just called...


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