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May 30, 2004


If you let people get away with this kind of thing, pretty soon the whole country goes to hell.

(Thanks to Brian Giovannini)


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first! Ohhh, Cindy Lauper should stay there

oops, meant that for seagull droppings.

oops, meant that for seagull droppings.

Great. Now flying the American flag is considered to make your place look like a "frat house."

I don't think I ever saw the American flag hanging off a frat house. A lot of other things but never an American flag. But what is wrong with a retirement village looking like a frat house? It is sure to get more business than Seagull Droppings.

Clearly these people don't know a thing about public relations. Justice's father-in-law or not, this just makes this community look bad, unless they subscribe to the theory that there's no such thing as bad press. It's a flag for crying out loud, and these are these people's homes! Besides, they admit they can't do anything about it anyway. Fly the flag!

The guy is lucky he is not Rhenquist's father-in-law. He would be really freakin old.

But seriously, I agree, this is horrible PR. The only excuse for cracking down on flying the American flag might have been after September 11 in the greater LA area. You know those flags that Laker fan puts on his SUV windows? Well, someone decided that people could be annoyingly cheerleadingly patriotic by attaching strikingly similar American flags to the windows of their SUVs. These really tug at my heart because I know America fan is trying to show the right sentiment, but the execution is just so tacky. I am all for the flag and even all for the Lakers ("free Kobe!"), but that SUV window flag thing has to go.

That Cathy McGrath had better get ready for a nice, friendly tax audit from the IRS real soon, and maybe even a personal visit from John "Mr. Constitutional Amendment" Ashcroft.

They should take that stick out of their butt, and use it for a flag pole.

Brad: LOL for Rhenquist's father in law.

Yeah. I remember the big Frat House windchime outbreak of '96. Damned rebels!

Usually the people who fly U.S. flags are the ones who *hate* frat houses.

Graz -- LOL! However, I think the huge stick up Al Gore's ass would make a much better flagpole.


No, a flagpole would be even worse.

My parents put a 25 foot flagpole in their yard, and the neighbors (who moved in *after* my parents, mind you) complained that it "obstructed their view of the mountains." Keep in mind that the flagpole was 6 inches wide, and the mountain range was considerably wider.

At their *last* house, the neighborhood association came over to harrass them when they put up a 20 foot flagpole.

"Why are you putting up a flag pole?"
"We...like to fly the flag?"
"Why? Is he (my father) a veteran?"
"Then why do you want a flag pole?"
"We just like them."
"What flag are you going to fly?"
"The American flag, usually."
"Just on special occasions, or all the time?"
"All the time."
"We just like flying the flag."
"I see."

Fortunately for my parents, the neighborhood association had neglected to put anything in their rules specifically banning flagpoles, so they had to put up with it.

I love this country.

Wow.Just when I thought the stupid-meter had leveled off.Now its in the red!I would bet you that if it was an Irag flag that they wouldn't have said anything because they wouldn't want to "offend" anyone.That is how people like this think.Controll freaks who want to exercise whatever imagined power they think they have wihthout being challenged.(BARF)

The problem is that you are not thinking like a man of the government. That man would be me. I think that unless we ban all lawn ornaments, that our society will be worse off for it. We need to protect the environment from litter, including discarded lawn ornaments, an oft-overlooked problem with this country. That includes flagpoles. Where do you think they go when you are through with them? Straight to the landfill! Remember that it is your responsibility to protect the environment at all costs.

If there was a stick in my rear end, I would have noticed it by now.

I stand by my former vice-president's remarks.

Also, I did not have sexual relations with that flagpole.

Oh, f**k anybody who harrasses an 89 year old war veteran. Better energy could be spent harrassing that 50-something butthead who is running our country right now.

I love this country, but sometimes the people in it really tick me off. Especially the dicktaters (yes, I meant to spell it that way) of "planned communities" and condo associations.

Gimme a Double Wide, former member of her local Homeowners' Association Board (yeah, I resigned after 6 months).

Driving by various frat houses daily, I have yet to see someone displaying an American flag. I have seen plenty of hang outs decrying the fact that there aren't more topless women sunbathers, or to free tibet, or that there is no alcohol on the campus, but never an American flag.

Why can't the bean-counting weenies just let it ride when someone may do something that technically violates the rules but that is perfectly acceptable, like flying an American flag?

Is their life so pathetic and petty that they feel the urge to exercise whatever meager ammount of power they have? Are they so sad that they must attack every tiny thing that they can in hopes of seeming more significant?

Cheeseball - I agree. I lived by 3 frat houses last year (and never got any sleep) and I don't think I ever saw a flag or anything patriotic hanging from their balconies. I saw a heck of a lot of effort being put into building theme parties, and a lot of beer bottles, but that's about it.

It's a "very expensive property" with "lots of important people" living there. Yet the other residents say they enjoy seeing the flag.

Seems like it's the community managers who have the problem. And just who is paying the community managers' salaries? Were they appointed or voted in? Seems like a policy amendment is called for here.

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