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April 11, 2004


They make us feel safe.

(Thanks to Saheli Datta)


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first!! woohoo!!

"Adams said that such an incident typically results in a suspension."

Typically results??? You mean this happens often enough that they have a set procedure for it???

"He declined to identify the employee, for security reasons." If she cared about security she wouldn't have left her gun in the bathroom. How about "He declined to identify the employee, because she'd be fired and she was his sister in law and his wife would be really pissed at him."

Mel-thats almost exactly how i lost my mind.almost.

I wonder if anybody ever lost their virginity that way?

This is almost as bad as the woman who forgot her child at the grocery store. I guess she didn't realize until she got home and started unpacking her groceries and noticed that she had left one of her "perishables" at the store.

Bet she's the Federal Air Marshal's sister.

Great. And I'm flying from Chicago to Orlando tomorrow.

"She left her gun on a shelf." Who puts their gun on a shelf?!? Who puts anything on anything in a public restroom in an airport?


Just wanted to post a note of thanks for the jazzy page.

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