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April 28, 2004


They're not afraid to tackle the important issues.


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Random thought or forgotten link? Hmm......

Hi, Garret

Oh, now you go and fix it making me look unbalanced.

Anybody else notice that a Golden Girl spoke in front of the legislature? Why does anybody care what they have to say?

Must let everyone know! Larry the eBay wedding dress guy was just on the Today show.

This link had registration. I'm too lazy to sign up.

No more links that require registration please. It's just one more way for The Man to keep track of us.

I used bugmenot & saw the link just fine.

Do we really need this much government involvement? Really, is foie gras that huge of a commodity?

Any time Bea Arthur speaks on a subject, I know I just *won't care*.

If fattened goose liver is banned, it will just drive the black market price up. People will start coming in from Mexico into California with goose liver in their colons. People will have ducks in their closets. Please, stop the madness!

Well, if a Golden Girl is behind the cause, Lifetime Television will be producing a movie about it within the month.

Also, someone posted a link the other day that had fake registration names for sites that required them. Anybody have it?


Here's a login from bugmenot

login: wowzer@mailinator.com

password: wowzer

(secret, it's about gooseliver)

Well, I guess it's an important issue for the geese.

Link goes to a web site in French describing the force-feeding technique ("gavage") that produces the oversize liver.

I resemble one of the remarks in that article! When voting for governor, I always give my vote to the pro-ferret Libertarian. If there is no such duck, I will vote Republican if the Libertarian otherwise scares me (pro-infant-pot-smoking, retroactive abortion, etc.).

Bea Arthur. What a guy. Being a man like that to speak out on an un-popular thing like banning the fatting of geese and ducks.

Warning, previous link might put you off your lunch.

Esp. if you're having liver

The important issues...meaning online registration to read articles? Pah. Feh. Meh.

online registration = MORE spam. Not gonna do it!

Thanks for the Bugmenot login, MKJ. I went ahead and read it.
Hey, Brad, you were probably kidding, but if not, I'm with you! At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, if I lived in a place where ferrets were illegal, I might be swayed to vote for someone based on their position on that issue.
And it would be a terrible shame if your right to eat engorged goose liver was taken away.

For registration, we should all use the name: J. Dough and the password: PASSWORD. several hundred logins on the same account will have their IT people going nuts.

Mayhaps Ahnauld will get things squared away in the Peoples Republic of California, but don't hold your breath

Il n'y a pas de gavage sans violence! Nuff said.

Bea Arthur's voice does kind of sound like a goose honking, maybe that explains it.

BMX3, huh?

Sorry, I'm with the chefs on this one. Livestock is raised to be eaten. What about the 25 people in the company who will be out of a job? What are these politicians thinking? They should be making it easier to get foie gras by funding more companies to raise ducks and geese thereby creating jobs.

Right back atcha, LaquitoMojo.

LaquitoMojo. LaquitoMojo. I really like saying that.

LaquitoMojo. Laquito ... Mojo!

Did a GIS for Bea Arthur, apparently she was mean to dinosaurs in the golden days

BMX3, huh?

Posted by: Jessica on April 28, 2004 01:30 PM

Les animaux soumis au gavage sont malmenés; ils sont privés des plus élémentaires droits auxquels chaque créature peut prétendre. Word!

Used "no@no.com" password: password

One more reason I'm SO glad I got rid of my PRC citizenship!

Yah I saw the registration page and stopped there, although yesterday I was reading Dave's Column on Maimi Herald.com and after reading the first it then wouldn't let me click on another link until I registered. I HATE THAT! So I googled Dave's Column and read it off another site so I didn't have to register.

Who's stupid idea to force registrations for news was it?

Ils sont les créatures stupides et meurent tôt de toute façon.

Foie gras, cruel, inhumane,

. . . délicieux

What happens if I force feed a black squirrel duck liver before it runs across the road and gets smushed by the hummer Arnold drives?

Oh well doesn't matter here in PRC the jury would surely find me innocent.

Babs... Not kidding. Seriously, we had a L-party candidate here for governor last time Davis ran whose statement started with ferret legalization. The funniest thing about the ferret law here is that (gasp!) lots of people have ferrets in their homes in California! Even Petco has a ferret supply section.

Anyway, I am a dog guy, so I'm basically for anything that might keep the cat population in check! haha.

Oh just another interesting note on how crazy it is here in Southern California. It is illegal to DECLAW your cat in the city limits of West Hollywood. Not sure how that fits into protecting ducks and squirrels, but it was actually voted on in the city council. Not much else going on in West Hollywood I guess.

rita2398, it's a wonderful state with many beautiful features. Just avoid all the people and you'll be OK. Oh yes, avoid the bears, too. Especially the ones with bells and that smell like pepper.

My God. I've personally won a standoff with an angry duck, fought a wild emu, taunted squirrels, thrown rocks at seagulls, and made pizza with Emeril LaGasse. Strictly pizza.

I'm with you, Axel.

Hey, I'm with Arnie on this one: Terminate the Legislature (and Bea Arthur)! No more PC.

I used "user@yahoo.com" password: guest1

It must be said that The Legislature of Ferrets WBAGNFARB. And of course their first albumn would be called "Feng Shui and Foie Gras"...

8be06dc45bc5af2bc5b62538df0039a8 00eddfc.

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