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April 26, 2004


Because modern youth is keeping busy.

(Thanks to Chris Miller)


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Can't see it....I'm at work.....argghh.

That actually looks like alot of fun!

Well, it's a cross between Jackass and Iron Chef.

Giant steps are what you take
Woking on the moon

*OWWWW!* That last one down the stairs still hurts from watching it!


That was fun to watch! What are they sliding down? It looks like an escalator with all the steps folded down. Oh, wait- I guess it is. How'd they do that?

Looks like fun, but let's see them do that on an escalator. _

With the steps UP that is.

Keep watching...they do - ouch!

That looks like a pant-load of fun!

Back in my day (about 2 months ago) we would take cafeteria trays from the cafeteria (where else?), sit on them, and have races down a rather large and imposing run on a nearly ski hill (around 800 vert. feet - enough to get some really good speed)

It was extra fun b/c of the no brakes, no safety devices, or any sort of steering potential. Moms were proud all the way around

I'm guessing that was an inclined moving walkway... and it DID look like fun...

Do you think the bottom of the wok got hot (say that three times real fast!).

But not as proud as the mom of the guy who let 25 roman candles be shot at his head!

I think I speak for all Modern Youth when I say:



When I was young, we kids had to slide down the slopes on rusty old car bumpers... three kids had to share one bumper... and when we reached the foot of the slope, we slid right into traffic and were run over by passing trucks -- if we were lucky!

But if you tell this to children today, they don't believe you...

That looks like a pant-load of fun! - Brad

I say Fan Pants have finally found their true purpose in life with this new activity.

Add a little oil, place over a high flame and stir quickly. Voila! No more youth problem!

The woks, I can understand. But the pink tricycle?

I believe Scooby and Shaggy do this very thing at the opening of Scooby Doo 2.

And Kim, I noticed the tricycle too. Don't you know that was the one guy who's parents wouldn't let him have the wok? Desperate, he stole his kid sister's pink Big Wheel.

Extremely cool! I wish I had a wok when I was a kid.

yeah, I agree - ME NEXT! Although it looks a lot like what I did at a homecoming bonfire a few years ago - there was this huge grassy slope and we found old cardboard boxes (a la Calvin and Hobbes) and slid down. Good times, especially when you exactly how many people you can fit on one box.

KimJ: You just know when his little sister gets up the next morning she's going to find her tricycle mutilated beyond belief or redemption and while she's crying to Mom he'll be "what? me? what tricycle?"


But why are they playing "bombs over baghdad" by Outkast?? Just wondering, it is a good song.

Hmm.....looks like a new idea to try.....we just used recycling bags or laundry baskets here

Some Girl from Oregon: Actually, Calvin and Hobbes used a wagon. Now that's something to get a video on that site. They went time-traveling in the cardboard boxes.
That said, my turn next.

It was the 'Peanuts' crew who used a cardboard box.

We used a cardboard box on grass slopes also. In a pinch, having gathered enough speed, one could also simply slide across a kitchen floor on flannel pajama bottoms and socks.

By the way, Modern Youth wbagnfarb. Oh, wait a minute . . . .

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