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April 21, 2004


Unless you're just trying to give the world fun stuff to blog.

(Note: the actual skydiving does involved nudity, but the warning is more for the guy with the elephant.)

(Thanks to Lori Bodin)


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Flappy, flappy

Hellooo judi!

Glad to see you're back in fine form again! Even got ladies sending you stuff to stir up the ladies to stir up us men here, Thanks! :-)

Nope, no nude skydiving for me, I get in enough trouble on the ground!

Punky? Eagle eye of the hockey thonged guy?

They even put a red circle around him! Then, the show guy gave us an elephant equivalent!

Shall I refill your coffee cup? ;-)

Oops, my apologies Punky...you know me LTTG even with coffee! :-)

( cant open it,but the idea is enuff...)

exhilarating dive. He hit the ground singing soprano!

I heard sound but saw no video. What am I doing wrong?

Crumb! I can't download it. I miss all the good stuff.

Okay, it finally downloaded.

Judi, you've earned your pay this week with this one; it is hysterical!!

P.S. It's even funnier, 'cause it's in German.

Welcome to the weird world of German Late Night Retard Shows. This guy is exceptionally annoying - no wonder he got his nose broken by a German Rap "Star" one time.

A friend of mine who is a skydiver tried this once. He told me he ended up with a perfectly circular zone of bruises because it was spinning like a propeller. He said the trick is to use duct tape.

There's nothing like a fresh breeze to refresh you.

And an elephant to punctuate your embarrassment.

Remember the well-endowed duck we looked at a couple of weeks ago? Now I wonder that he (the duck) doesn't beat himself to death.

German Rap star? Fünfzig Pfennig, Ya sizzle.

When skydiving nude, always wear a Banana Guard.

Sure, if it would´ve been an american gangsta ghetto star this guy would look at the carots from below by now...we are a peaceful folk, after all!

Got some serious wind burn going on plus the flap bruising. "He said the trick is to use duct tape." The trick is to use your banana guard.

well, one of us ladies could offer to hold it in place during a tandom jump...too bad I'm afraid of heights!

In skydiving cicles, it's traditional to make one's 100th skydive nude. I've seen it quite a few times. It's particularly funny when not everyone on the jump plane is aware that one of you is going to be jumping nude (usually first timers.. har, har, har)

Flap Bruising wbagnfarb!

my goodness. and yet he smiles. wacko.

If I had a package I would NOT let it flop around like that in such a casual manner.

Plus, once again a man is risking the dreaded organ-imprint-on-belly.

You've inspired me to do a little research and add a new article to my site, many thanks. And ta to Dave for all the great books too. If you fancy finding out more about Sky Diving, give www.skydiving-news.org a try sometime.

In this case, jumping naked was the prize in a competition - and it wored out sweety. Today, this girl landed in the middle of a rock festival =)

Haha.. I love your blog :)


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