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April 28, 2004


Seems like there's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black on this blog today. MIAMI! We love it!

(Thanks to Daniel C. Benton, Jr.)


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Shouldn't this have a Creeping Fascism heading?

Once again proving the important lesson that porn is not meant to be shared.

The supervisors should all be charged with pornal harrassment.

I love it when Judi gets tired of working and starts posting for Dave!

Yeppers, if I knew how to send a link I would, but we have the same problem with the Metro Nashville Employees! Now they have put a firewall on every computer except the Judges/DAs, etc., because they "never know what they might have to look up on the internet"! Justice for all~but not porn for ya'll~

I'm willing to bet it was foot fetish porn. It's gotta be.

Um, did anyone else see this little gem from the links on the left side of the story:

When the web site opened up, I was most shocked to see Dwight Lauderdale's photo. He's been on Channel 10 since I was a kid growing up in Miami in the early 80's.

Dwight: Older than dirt?

SEVENTH!! Man, I need to get back to work. :-)

Talk about flying the friendly skies!

My last post would make more sense if I told you I have lived in Tennessee for 12 years.

QUESTION! Ok "y'all" stand for You all. Ok, so going by general contraction rules the punctuation for yall should have the apostraphe after the "y" becaues it is taking the place of "ou." However most people punctuate it "ya'll". So really, what is the right way?

Steve B,

I saw it on the news this morning, I live in Orlando and apparently this wal-mart was somewhere in the vicinity.

I can only imagine that the woman thought the store was a super wal-mart and therefore wandered around inside for 14 hours looking for the funeral services section.


It's y'all. Any other punctuation is incorrect.

That's what I thought.

Hey all,

The wedding dress popeye's auction exploded...I think the guy can safely buy his Mariners tickets.

Nearly 5 million hits, as well.

well, no, because ya all can be, correctly, ya 'll or ya'll ;) so there! they ain't actually sayin' you all.

It's Ya'll. End of story. I'm older than y'all so, I win!

Ya'll has nothing to do with any rules -- it's just TEXAN! My husband says my Texas Twang has mixed with the Tennessee Drawl, so I sound totally hickified~

Punky, I'm at work and just about lost it! That was hysterical!

1. On the you all thing, all I can tell you is that my speech software pronounces y'all correctly, and ya'll incorrectly. And the speech software for the blind ain't perfect, but it's gotten pretty good.

2. The wedding dress auction really did go nuts. Now it will be interesting to see if the guy gets paid or played.

The guy doesn't seem to be too happy, anyway, I think it would be foolish to play him.

He is also very large.

Interesting, SMFTC. How does it pronouce it (ya'll)?

I see it spelt both ways. I think the y'all is correct.

it's y'all, methinks.

"well, no, because ya all can be, correctly, ya 'll or ya'll ;) so there! they ain't actually sayin' you all."

Sorry, but if you are talking in strictly grammatical terms (yes, there are strict grammatical terms even for slang), ya'll is simply incorrect. Period. It's y'all. No major dictionary that I know of has ya'll in it, but plenty have y'all.

Of course, just as "envenomate" is becoming accepted, I imagine "ya'll will eventually end up in the dictionary if enough people corrupt the term in this way.

I see that even irregardless has found its way into the dictionary, albeit in a relatively dishonorable manner.

Was this really stranger than these other two I saw below the story?

"A teenager stabbed his friend to death over a piece of stereo equipment"

"Woman May Have Driven Around With Dead Mom"

California doesn't have any trademark on being crazy.


I am the founder of an IT consulting firm in the greater Miami area. We are having a very difficult time finding qualified IT workers who are competent with things like file sharing and e-mail. These airport employees have demonstrated their proficiency with these technologies. I would like to offer them careers with my firm.


Don Johnson,
Miam-IT, Inc.

Sharing porn at work? Who do they think they are? judi?

Y'all need to focus heya!

These fine employees were probably forwarding pictures of naked TERRORISTS (or suspected terrorists, or suspected nakeds at the least) to eachother so that they would better be able to do their jobs protecting society.

Just you wait - someday a porn star will explode his kielbasa in La Guardia and everyone will wonder why we didn't prevent it! Well you'll know why.

"California doesn't have any trademark on being crazy."

Posted by: Marty Fried on April 28, 2004 03:41 PM

But Florida does I beleive.

Or believe, either way y'all.

Being an afficionado of "y'all", I would like to point out a few variations:

y'all - 2nd person reference to a small group.
y'all's - posessive form of y'all
all y'all - The entire group, inclusive of any sub-groups
all y'all's - the aggregate possessive

In missouri, it's spelled "you folks"

While y'alls on the subject, just how far is "yonder".

In certain precincts of New York it's "yooz'all".

Being a Southern Gal transplanted recently to the hole of southern california pollution I have been working very hard to integrate my y'all into valley talk.

So all y'all dudes should note that the narly spelling of y'all is redneck and the ya'll spelling is hick.


I don't know if it had to do with growing up in NJ, or going to a catholic school with a bunch of old cranky nuns, but I remember being threatened with the eternal flames of hell if I ever used the word "y'all" (and yes, that IS how it is spelled). I even remember it being on a test or two. Thank goodness I moved to Virginia.

mad scientist: the indigenous SoCal version of "y'all" would be "Duuuuudes!" (pronounced: Diiiiiiiiids!). It doesn't translate exactly, but it's as close as your gonna get.

ps: as you've figured out by now the place is crawling with both rednecks AND hicks. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just pointing out that if you stayed with y'all, nobody thereabouts wouldn't know what (who) you meant.

LOVE IT! Ya'll. I ain't no hick, I just sound like one~y'all! I don't say yonder --that's hicky redneck~

Yonder - a fur piece down the road
Y'all = You guys = youse guys = dudes! = youse, etc.

Lairbo - yes I am slowly learning to understand the natives here in PRC. I still like talking valley with a southern accent though - throws everyone off and it is hard to shock people here as you might gather from all the news stories.

Oh I miss the days of being a simple redneck. Living in a state with only 2 area codes. Going down to the Walmart and taking my dead mom along for the ride....

Somebody asked how my speech software pronounces ya'll. It sounds like yull (as in rhymes with pull or bull.)

Because you wanted to know...

Gregg, I've got an old dictionary that has irregardless listed as meaning the same as regardless, but with a humorous conotation. I've been laughing at people who insisted it was a word for a long, long time. Apparently, some people think English has hard, set rules (and vocabulary,) that never, ever change. Silly people, it changes all the time with common usage.

By the way, does that mean the airport employee's can't read this blog? Are we missing anyone?

Although you guys are all gone, I want to say very maturely and with as much responsibility as possible....I'M GOING TO THE BLINK 182 CONCERT AND YOU'RE NOT! There. I don't think that any of you classy people would want to go. Or not. Maybe you do. But anyways, I'm going, I'm going to be happy. And school is ending in six weeks. I'm haveing a nervous break-down. :) Bye.

Ah, I see the computer clock did not move an hour ahead. tsk tsk. Sorry for my first comment then. You are not all gone as Lee demonstrated.

And may I direct you to the best site in the world : www.nuklearpower.com. It's such a good site, if you like comics. And you'll like this comic.

Have a good time, Beanster!

And yaknow, I'm glad y'all got that ya'll thing settled. (and that's the only time I'm gonna use that phrase :-) Since I was born & bred in WA(aah!) and inherited the only house I've ever lived in, I generally say "all" or "everyone" and NEVER say "you people" (that'd sure get me torched in a hurry! ;-)

Had some free time Dave???

*slowly backs away and hides in the next thread*

Well said, Dave Munger, I think you did get the point I was trying to reach!

blink-182 is still touring and existing and stuff?

If I may go on-topic for a moment. . .

Mayhaps the employees were trading photos/video of naive travelers . . .

"Maam, you've been selected randomly to step into this room for, er, searching. Its routine to record such sessions for your protection and to assure quality control."

Perhaps the story is actually a brilliant piece of spin control by the authorities! Kind of like the pilot who recently crashed a historic airplane because of "air in the fuel line."

Deon--taking you behind the news, well, speculatively anyway.

Where is the moat and how can I go for a swim?

Bangi -- or if you want to go classy:
New York NY 10001

Didn't anyone wonder how many terrorists snuck through Miami International while the supervisors were passing the porn around? Ah yes, Homeland Security wbagnfarb (or a porno flick).

beanster, i would SO love to go to that concert! man. a friend of mine at work told me how she got to go to a very small concert at the hard rock, with a friend who works at a radio station... she had NO idea who she was seeing but she said to herself, "oh, i bet judi knows who they are..."

can you believe?! it was lit.


Beanster, 'been wondering where you were -- I hope you had a wonderful time at the concert of people I've never heard of......I got to see Rod Stewart last Friday night - for the umpteenth time.....KEWL.....some of the "youngun's at work were goin' and their comments were: "we're goin' cuz he's gotta be good -- anybody whose been at that long......has gotta be good!" Yeppers, he was ROD STEWART AND EXCELLENT! YA'LL!

This non-redneck cannot find anyone to play with, so she's going to bed, YA'LL! Hope everyone had fun today, tomorrow I gotta work to make up for lost time today! Love you, DaveBloggers!

Hey! They were sharing, and sharing is nice. At least that't what they taught me in 1st grade...

Dude. Not again! Bangi's been obsessed with making post #69, and I was trying to help cure the fixation. I knew I should've left the count at 67. Someone always takes it.

Oh, you silly kids.............Good Morning!

Great timing. I'm leaving for class now. Be back in the afternoon/evening sometime, in case anyone feels like they have to know.

Just to add a note to y'all, being here in the south it is indeed "y'all". So now all y'all know that...joining eadn in being LTTG...

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