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April 30, 2004


Just so people will stop sending the original link, really. Apparently 24 is not just the name of a tv show; it's also the attention span of the average blog reader... if it was blogged 2 days ago, it doesn't exist.

[Thanks to Jonathan "At No Jahn (that's the best I could do, ok?)"] (Jahn? DAVE Jahn?)


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Hey, that's interesting. But have you seen that story about the guy selling the wedding dress.

[cue music] Mr. Short-term memory ...

Ooh, sounding a little cranky there, judi. Bad day??


me? no. not really. i don't get why people send in links if they don't read the blog, i guess. didn't mean to sound all that cranky though. just sarcastic. sorry!

Judi, you don't sound cranky, you sound like the sarcastic smart a** that we all know you, Dave and everyone on this blog is (are) in real life. That's why we are on a smart a** funny blog. Kudos~

Judi: We need to be yelled at occasionally. I'm waiting for Dave to scream, "Don't make me turn this blog around!"

>>According to the police report, she hit him and threw a guitar at him, he pushed her and she fell, scraping her face.

I guess he's no longer in the running as Dave Barry's replacement.

I hear that now the guy is gonna auction off some of his ex-wife's swimsuits.

Judi, get ready for the photos!

"The buyer's name was Barry and he likes music." Must have been Dave because Manilow hates music.

Someone give judi one of those Orange Crush drinks we have over in the MOAT! TGIF, judi, we love you! We love cramming your mailbox with links that make us chuckle or articles that make us bang our heads into the wall while wondering how these people survived childhood.

Judi, I think this piece is interesting in that it sheds new light on something previously blogged. I doubt that people sending you this new link didn't notice the original one. In fact, I think they're following up on their reading of the original link.

Never overestimate the intelligence of the bloglits!

(And I WILL NOT point out the hypocracy of hollering at the bloglits for submitting the same story when King Dave just posted that freaking exploding pet food story again!)

*hands judi an ice-cold beer* :-)

Did you want a chaser with that? ;-)

You know Judi, there are plenty of explanations for why you got a link to something already posted two days ago.

1)The sender lives in Australia, where daylight savings time just had them set their clocks back TWO DAYS.

2)The bastards are reading our email. The homeland security dept has started reading our submissions to you, and they're so slow that it is taking an extra two days for them to get to you.

3) It's Friday, you're drunk, and going thru your "deleted items" folder thinking it's your inbox.

4) There is no #4.

5) We're mostly idiots (not that most of us are idiots, but that each of us is mostly an idiot)

so give us a break, eh?

I doubt that people sending you this new link didn't notice the original one. In fact, I think they're following up on their reading of the original link.

yes, rich, i was referring to the original link, which we have gotten about 7.2 million copies of.

Sorry, Judi, I should have read your note more closely. You *did* point out that people were sending you the "original" link.

All's Well that ends Hell, I always say.

*THIS* from a guy who's got a condo in one and an ice castle in another!

Earned the one in Hades and bought the Norsern other just so Bangi_Gurl would have a safe place to sizzle! :-)

Now, where did I put my penguin thong?! ;-)

lol on the 24-hour attention span thingie... probably more like six hours Judi

This "story" continues to NOT be funny.

One of those crazy intraweb stories - as you say it was never funny - to make matters worse the dude has now put a doll on E-Bay...reckon he'll make another three grand :(

Why wood Dave Barry by a used wedding dress? I hope hes nut going to where it and do sumting wierd!

One time my brother wore my moms fur coat in our back yard for sum resin butt my dad hit him in the hed wit a shoval becorse he fought he was Bigfoot.


Hello, Bangi_Gurl! :-)

Glad to see You've got your own visionary company now!

heh heh (Con made me Prop Master ;-) heh heh

Most fitting for such a sizzling venture, don't you think?! ;-)

Today though, I appropriated the company credit card for a maypole to keep The MOAT alive. :-)

Does anyone know how to bookmark it to get the comment count too? I'm way outta my league on html, Thanks!

this is a email account i protected to try to keep my other one private.. i was the winning bidder but some coworker played a prank on me


Literal blue
Blue hex


Blue hex


Hey Blue


Hey Blue

Name Name

Blue Blue


How color = "#0000FF" does it work?

How does it work?

How does it work?

How does it work?

Buyer: What colors does this come in?
Salesperson: Blue, pink, red, yellow, and white. You can choose which of those colors you want.
Buyer: cool, I think -
Salesperson: But we're going to send you a pink one, anyway. That's the only one we supply.

Buyer: ...

Knock knock!


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