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April 21, 2004


...when we think opera, we think ice hockey.

(Thanks to Will Ledesma)


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Hello? Hello? *taptaptap* Is this thing on?

A clever ruse to get guys to go.

To have fun and to have a grotesque situation!

Punky, you have sharp eyes when it comes to men's undies.

Where do they work in the fat lady? And, upon further condiseration, wouldn't the latest Super Bowl and the well known antics therein also make for excellent opera?

So how do you say "He shoots, he scores!" in Latin? Inqiring minds want to know!

Or better yet, how do you say, "That went right through the five-hole!"

Throw in a few Stock Cars and you've got yourself a hit!

Gregg, here's my best shot at translation: "Surculus infit, imputo infit!"

Haha, interesting. I'd like to hear someone like Bob Miller or Mike Haynes say that sometime.

The only thing I really liked about ice hockey was that there was no singing. So, I'll be sure to miss this.

I heard of this on NPR the other day. They went on to mantion that even the hockey puck has a singing role.

I hope they were kidding about that.

By the way I've been to Prague and would recomend the trip none-the-less.

manthon???? mention.

Great now I just look dumb.

Wow I even misspelled my own mispelling....

I'll just stop now.

Good day everyone.

Noot eh preblom, orcelle. Wee awl maek mysteaks.

I wonder if it's hard to reach those high notes when you're being hit in the teeth with a puck?

Ladies and Gentleman with the help of Lmd33 I have just discovered the purpose of those thongs...to hit the high notes!!!!

orcel, that would sure explain why they never ask if a guy can sing soprano!

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