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April 12, 2004


Now they've taken Mister Cranky Pants.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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On the plus side, that's one of the best headlines I've seen in a while.

Looks like an evil Overlord type is far enough along in development of his secret lair that he's stocking his token alligator pond. If sharks and/or piranha start disappearing from the local aquarium, then it's definitely time to get James Bond involved...

It is the third alligator stolen from the Somersby Park in two years.

If the Park really has experienced people to manage and look after the alligators, why do they keep disappearing?

The flying shark will defeat them.

At least we know that a 1.5 metre alligator could not fit in a Chevy Cavalier dashboard ... Or do we?

If someone named you Mr. Cranky Pants (not agnfarb, by the way) wouldn't you want out too?

I just want to know why they named a gator after Rush Limbaugh.


See, and now I have this mental image from happier times, before things went sour, of punky uttering the phrase "ooohh...Mr Cranky Pants..."

You would figure that the alligators would be among the least likely animals to be stolen, given their ability to bite off large chunks of anatomy.

The answer: Rig the gators to a system that when tripped, will cover the intruder in poisonous snakes. Mother Nature's one step theft prevention and sentencing.

name does not bode well for the kidnappers

Or a fair-to-large quantity of alcohol combined with a pretty good dose of luck.

I was always under the assumption that alligators tended to compromise the welfare of people, not the other way 'round...

well whoever is taking the alligators is kinda weird i suppose... i mean what are you gonna use em for??

mabye a restaurant is stealing em =D..

you got to be a homicidal maniac to climb in with a bunch of alligators and only take 1!!!

mabye they tranquilized the others ^^
that would be mean

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