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April 30, 2004


Canadians, anyway. "Federal pot isn't worth smoking."

(Thanks to Brad B.)


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I've been suspicious of Canada since the early 70s, and I wasn't even BORN until 1984.

Only 5.1% THC? Cheap Cannuck bastards.

I didn't know they kept Canadian High School students in cupboards.

"High school students in a cupboard could grow a product that is better".

What the heck kind of pot-growing operations have they got up there? Harry POTter?! [har.]

I thot it was submitted by Brad Busted


something or other

It is junk because instead of buying seeds, the cheap SOB used pot that had been found in car ashtrays, in pant pockets etc.

Well, I guess you could say that there is no pleasing us, or we just have discriminating tastes...one or the other. One of the benefits of living in the north, is the rather relaxed stance towards "prescribed" medicines and the dedication to such important issues as quality control.

Brad Busted

Honestly, what else would you expect from a government agency?

"Federal pot"="El fat doper"
"fat old peer"
"EPA rod felt"
"fear old pet"
"pat reef old"

BarryFS - that's why costs are so high too. It takes a lot of money to search in so many obscure (and disgusting) places for the dregs.

"it's research grade"

That about says it all to me!

They gotta focus on the point of cultivatin' it, not studyin' it!

Canada, often called the "TELFORD APE" of the FEED PATROL, has in recent months experienced what is known to experts as the FORE-PLATED FARDEL TOPE of its own OFT-PEARLED FEDORA PELT, although the DAFT ELOPER "TADPOLE REF" OF REPLATED FADO PEDLER "FERAL DEPOT" will argue that it has been steadily moving more toward FEEDLOT RAP, with its growing FOP-RELATED FLEA DEPORT industries, and away from FOLDER TAPE. The experts, however, do agree with the daft ref, by an overwhelming majority, that Canada sucks. The two sides also agree that if you add RUM to the FEDERAL POT, you get PREFORMULATED. They don't explain how this has anything to do with anything else, but they can confidently assure us--these are the foremost experts available, remember--that Canada does suck.

Does it at least come with a medicinal lava lamp?

Dman! Make that Government..

Yep, did that one on purpose just to make fun of myself.

The grow op in Flin Flon is a bloody fiasco. Just like everything else theCanadian government has a go at. For the millions of taxpyers money they have wasted, a private grower could make real shit.

I thought you meant "daman," but what do I know.

And sorry to show you up, Russell, but I felt obligated to prove, once and for all, that Canada is an inferior nation. You'd be surprised what five hours of Scrabble a day for three consecutive years does to someone. For example, "anagram god" anagrams to "grandma goa," and "federal rum" to "demure farl," "emerald fur," and "rad mule ref."

I guess it was federal rum, huh.

Ok, I'm all for Canada bashing, but... their "black market" stuff only costs $150-200 an OUNCE, according to the article. Even if that's in U.S. dollars rather than Canadian, that's fantastically cheap.

Lee, look what time you posted your Governe Cheese link. There are no coincidences.

umm not to be overtaken by the black helicopters here, but in the big T(exas), if you are paying more than 50$ for schwag, you are getting gyped, now if we are talking hydoponic... well then thats another story.

i think a big part of it has to do with our vicinity to Mexico.

There's a town in New England I can only identify as "Boston" where you can get the stuff for $10. Don't ask me for contacts, because, frankly, I only sell sunglasses.

Ah Ha! Yet another Texan in the bunch!

Sources close to me who I also happen to trust tell me that they can get certain smokeable forms of Syd Barrett for about $10 each.

At least Canadians do not not have to worry about helicopters. This Flin Flon grow op is right beside a handy floatplane base though ....

If the U.S. would just legalize the stuff and contract with the Columbians, I'd be buying in so fast, it'd make my head spin!

What can I say, I like Columbian coffee and when I was in high school, I liked Columbian pot. Must be something in the growth medium there, but I dunno...I forgot. ;-)

The GNP would increase by 25%!

Yeah, Doug B., I have no doubt you're right! And so would the cost of my self-paid medical insurance!

Wonder if "THEY" will ever realize that passing along the costs with tacking on their profit-margin to consumers who get shafted by "improved productivity" at the cost of jobs and wages are the equivalent of the snake which bites it's own tail!

There is actually a fragment of Norsern mythology in that one, but I'm not gonna try to Goggle it now!

"Federal Pot" would be a great name for a rock band.... Particularly if they do covers of a little-known band called "Federal Duck".

wow, really, that's cheap? it's been a long time since the 60s.

Karl: Do you actually have any recordings of "Federal Duck" performing? I hear that some people on this blog would be willing to risk their sanity to listen to such silliness.

Con! CON!!!!

I want in!

Can I get my job as CTO here too!

Bangi_Gurl, can I get your help to rocket-boost my position?! ;-)

P.S. (Carefully being polite...I WANNA picture too!!!! :-)

And YES! DAMMIT! I'd pay double for that calendar too!

(nothin' like PROPER Bloglit restraint to break the pup-tent out of this man! ;-)

I'll go have dinner now and check into my inferno tomorrow....

Preferably if Bangi_Gurl's FLAMED me if yaknowwhatImean! :-)

Sorry to return you to the original topic, but . . . is anyone else hungry?


Must be the federal pot.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you legalize pot. People start bitching about it. Legalize crack, they'll complain about it. It's one of a few universal laws.

Perhaps I'm the only one that's intrigued by the implications of this statement:

"High school students in a cupboard could grow a product that is better."

How long have those Canadians been keeping their students locked in cupboards? Shouldn't someone be investigating this clear case of crimes against humanity?

Well, it's nice to see some other insomniacs~I thought I would be all alone tonight - except for me and Mr. Jack Daniels -- JuveyBoy (the hubby) came home and passed out from dealing with juvenile deliquents for 14 hours.

Okay, now we are back to ya'll and I 'ain't at work.

Ya'll want to talk pot? Let's talk $10 a lid (if ya'll even know what that used to mean - Acapulco Gold, before the notorious Paraquat scare of about 1973) Mexico is still our friend! I got connections.......But, not that there's anything wrong with that.......or whatever......Jack's talking now. Dayum, those were the days~

....still thinking from earlier (before Mr. Jack showed up) Why do they keep Canadian High School Kids in Cupboards?

His Standard Answer: (Disclaimer: I live with JuveyBoy)

"That's where they belong, if they are not being chased by bears!"

Actually, sometimes he comes home and looks like the bears won -- when it fact, it was the juvenile deliquents.

Where's Jeff Meyerson when you need him? Good night, DaveBloggers..........Jack won.

EEsh! Leave for a day or two and ya miss tons o stuff!

I've often wondered why some of my friends spent so much time in cupboards..

I gess Canada cant do anyting rite frum wat I here bout them.

My mom grows alot plants in her pots wit no probems so maybe Canadas pots hav alot of holes in them. It does nut cost alot to buy good pots.

Doug, I def. bow to a master in this game..I'm just proud that my name can be rearranged to spell "A scurvy smell girl".

Oh. One of those. Well, then, I'll just say, Russell, scurvy smell girl: Good luck.

i would like to offer my services dayve

For all you men who fantasize about Bangi ... I saw a picture of her! She is absolutely adorable ... or as most guys would say ... she is HOT!
Just giving props where props are due!
Posted by: punky brewster

No fair teasing us that way! ;-) We need a link!

And, FYI, all the blog chix are HOT!

Except Alex.

You're right Lee. It does get pretty damn toasty here in Texas. :)


Is this how you do it, Allie?





The requested document
could not be found.

Can you give working link?

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