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April 26, 2004


The bad news is, they might eat their mates.


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Electrostatic Attraction might bagnfarb

Spiders huh? MeL's just gonna love this one.

Of course, the killer app for this technology is a new kind of "velcro" suit that doesn't need velcro. Just jump onto any surface and stick!

Didn't they figure this same thing out with geckos or some other sort of small lizard?

(and in this case, I'll also include that insurance company that has no reason, nor my want, to keep sending me their insurance snail-mail junk!)

I got nothin funny.

All I can say is "cool!"

NO! NO! NO SPIDERS!! *curls into a ball in the corner, quivering*

heeey yesterday I was reading about van der Waals force whilst studying for AP Chem, and now I see the practical application! Spiderman!

Dang, where did those Post-It notes crawl off to this time?

Aggghhh, van der Waals force! Experiencing bad flashback to college chem and physics.

Spiders I can live with. Not happily, but I can live with them.

Spider WEBS, on the other hand, ick ick ick.

I SO could have done without the pic of the spider's leg. And seriously alex, you never know when a post it note may attack you and give you a nasty paper cut.;)

Personally, I would just as soon NOT have dead flies all over my post-it notes.

Get typing on the MOAT! We're so close to the goal!

Mmhmm...see I told y'all to listen to me but NOOOO!

The force is so strong that these spiders could carry over 170 times their own body weight

Huumph. Anybody can carry over 170 times a spider's weight.

Spiderman's arch-enemy is Rolledupnewspaperman.

Post-It Note,

Post-It Note,

Does whatever a Post-It Note...does.

hmmm, not as good as the original theme.


Van Der Waals Force WBAGNFARB.

How do they figure out it can carry 170 times it's own weight on the ceiling? Do they attach little weights? (168 times his weight... Still up there. 169 times... Still up there. 170 times... Eureka!)

"That's like Spiderman clinging to the flat surface of a window on a building by his fingertips and toes only, whilst rescuing 170 adults who are hanging on to his back!"

I can just imagine this - until Spiderman's arm pulls out of his shoulder with a sucking sound due to the weight and 171 people plummet to messy deaths many stories below.

Seriously - how would you ever unhook one of these things?

So these spider legs have little hairs that have more little hairs. How is this going to improve the Post-it notes? Will they make fuzzy little velcro strips on the backs of them?


I don't think we need Post-Its that come with their own industrial-strength removing solution.


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