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April 27, 2004


It's getting worse.

(Thanks to Craig Brinker)


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I could use a case like this....too few people are slipping and falling and suing...help a gal out.

Just when I thought I would never have a first post, wow. Just wow. This one's for you, Garret.

Talk about a deceptive headline. The toilet DID NOT explode! The threat of exploding toilets is real enough without the hysterical media overhyping non-exploding toilet accidents.

And don't you know the judge that let him use his bathroom is "relieved"? (Har.)

P.S. to Sadie: I need a scepter or wand of some kind to bless first posts.

What I like about this article is the fact that there is a brevity that is very Reuters. It's almost as if they plan to add to it when more "breaking" news updates come along.

Hey Judge, can I use your toilet?


Thanks! Wow! Why is mounted 35 feet off the floor?

More powerful flushing!

Whatever, hold the ladder.

awww... he has to *stretch* every morning! poor baby. definitley worth a lawsuit.

No great loss, if it was a low-flow toilet.

"D'Alesandro says at first he didn't want to make a big thing about it."

But then working in the courthouse, all those sleazy lawyer vibes rubbed off on him and he was forced to sue. (Sleazy Lawyer Vibes might not bagnfarb. Actually, it sounds like it should have been the followup to "Bette Davis Eyes.")

As a fellow Brooklynite I can't believe I missed this story. And aren't there any conspiracy theorists out there wondering why the toilet just happened to break this time and not when the judge was using it? Hmm, very fishy.

With you on that one Jeff, it sounds like a flushy case to me too! ;-)

If the guy worked at the courthouse, he should be immune from "sleazy lawyer vibes" -- No, I forgot, you have to work in the law offices to stay away from the sleazy lawyer vibes! Actually, our lawyers are not sleazy, they defend against the sleazy.

I want to know what happened next. Here's a (i assume) big fat guy covered with his own feces in a judges private bathroom. Then what? Seems like a sticky situation.

And when the story says, "filth," you know they mean dook. News stories should use words like dook or poop. They're fun!

Eykis, some of my best friends (and one of my sisters) are lawyers. Very few are sleazy, except my disbarred uncle, who is very sleazy.

Jeff, there are plenty of sleazy ones - I work in complex civil/commercial litigation -- many of the sleazy tv lawyers are ones that sue us~but alas, the vast majority are very hard working dedicated folks who would one day, one case, like to see justice served -- which as we know, does not happen very often.

My back has also begun hurting inexplicably lately, come to think of it. I'll settle for a mere $600,000, though.

Lee, I caught that link once, by grace of a bad load. Ain't going there again. However, it is a good reminder not to get so deep in one's own shit ya collapse the can! ;-)

I just can't figure 4 herniated disks! from a toilet collapsing WITH AND LET ALONE! no doctor or surgeon mentioned. Not to even think about the $5 mil he wants for damages!

'Scuse me, I got a bad back, joints, and rheumatism. If this had happened to me, I still can't see myself being any worse off than a few cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and filth to clean off in the nearest shower!

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