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April 27, 2004


Now they're using sausage bombs.

(Thanks to Bob Spalding)


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I think "kielbasa" is one of my favorite words ever.

"The case of the explosive wiener"

Didn't we already read about that?

"They took two aerosol cans and wrapped the sausage around the bottle and cans because they thought that was funny."

And let's face it: It is.

yes, danbert, but we had purged it from our memories. Until you came along, that is...

heebie jeebies start anew...

The Napalm Sausage Bombs might bagnfarb.

Regarding the first couple of comments - I have Slovak in-laws, and I can tell you that keilbasa does produce one hell of a "sausage bomb" if you get my drift. Especially when srved with cabbage, as it invariably is.

So unfair. The boys put in all the creative energy, then the bomb squad takes away their toy and sets if off themselves.

Hey kid, what're ya in fer?

Sausage bomb.

That's a new one.


M'aam - we're gonna have to ask you to evacuate.


Sausage bomb.

Again? You'd think they would check ids down at the butcher's shop!

Wasn't THE CASE OF THE EXPLOSIVE WEINER an episode on Perry Mason? Of course, it was also (thanks, danbert) a tragic sexual incident some of us had expunged from our memories, along with 7 foot bunnies, Unitard Man, Self-Circumcision Kits and Kinky Tinky, but no problem. I'll just go slap a mime and watch the morons shooting fireworks at their dumb friend a few times until I recover my equlibrium.

Too bad they didn't videotape themselves first.

Or "equilibrium."

splatwurst? boomloney? salbombey?

"Deputies found one boy, a student at Dunbar Middle School, still at home."

"They found the other boy in class at Estero High School."

Sounds like it was the school's fault for not teaching the kids how to properly disguise their explosive device. Any pyromaniac worth their salt knows a kielbasa isn't going to effectively hide a 20 ounce bottle of napalm. Especially near a busy intersection.

The kids would have had better results if they had stuffed the explosives inside a puppy.

Along with the knife.

Latest attempted bombing by students: Five Middle Tennessee State University students were arrested this morning after placing various mixtures of household cleaners in various containers and setting them in the sun. The containers blew up, no one and nothing else was damaged. that is all. What's with the wanting to "blow stuff craze?", would one of our BlogUniversityStudents please answer that? Thanks

Damn - you can get arrested for that? I should probably get arrested pretty much every day - we blow things up in class all the time.

Oh - forgot - when I do it its "education."

elfbrains? What do you teach again?! Does Wonko the Sane know about this?! :-)

Sausage is my favorite food, except for bacon. Well, and cheese. Eh, and ice cream. Ben and Jerry's is giving away free single cones today until 8 p.m. PST. I like tacos too, but 75 would be an awful lot.

What a fine ending to a Bobby Vinton concert!

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