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April 11, 2004


ElvisOnIce1 sent in this link to a story about a prom-safety program in Boone County, Kentucky. The story contains this sentence: "About 85 students attended, entering drawings for prom-related accessories, competing in a cornhole tournament and learning how not to behave on the big night."

With reference (we assume) to the term "cornhole tournament," ElvisOnIce1 asks: "This can't be what I think, can it?"

Relax, ElvisOnIce1. It is perfectly innocent, according to The American Cornhole Association.

UPDATE: Angie Mansfield notes that cornhole sets can be purchased here.


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"I am the Great Cornholio. I need TP for my bunghole!"

Something tells me that the annual Riker's Island Cornhole Tournament has much different rules.

I'd like to point out that the end part of the URL for this story is KYpreprom. KY?! I think we all know the truth. All of the innocent-sounding propoganda from the American Cornhole Association is obviously a diversionary tactic.

Jelly, anyone?

well, i'm just glad they use *high quality* feed corn.

so now they behave on prom night--what abt the rest of the year?

A Cornhole Tournament? I thought the idea was to prevent STDs, not spread them? Still, it is Kentucky, sowhat can you expect? ;)

I just want to say 'shame on you' to all of those who took the term 'cornhole' the wrong way, right off the bat. And it was probably your collective thought rays that forced an innocent person like me to do the same, against my will, of course.

From time to time we are amused by English words that translate into foreign languages with ludicrous results: Nova = "It won't go" in Spanish or Coca-cola = "Bite the wax tadpole" in Chinese. It's rare for this to happen American English to American English.

On the other hand, a place where nobody on the committee realized that the word "cornhole" has another meaning, well, they're pretty un-hip. But it sounds like a nice place, kinda like Mayberry.

That article was really like, oh my gosh!!!

For those who want to learn how to link, go here.

Pssst--i don really want to.but i should,shouldnt i.

Come on Bangi, it's easy and all the kids are doing it. You want to fit in with the crowd right. Just one link....nobody'll know...it's not addicting....

*bangi shrugs off peer pressure and decides to be a rebel*

Watch out for her feathered boa, Graz!

Bangi, I'm like you, one of these days, I'll probably need to learn it, but until then....

By the way, Graz, Thanks for the linking link! I bookmarked it just in case, ya know ;-)

No problem, eadn. I'm not worried about her boa, but her cat suit can cause myocardial infarctions.

Im here anytime u boyz need a myocardial infarction *wink*

Graz, thanks for the link -- I won't waste my time here -- I will try it out when I go to work tomorrow!

Also, to all of ya'll -- Kentuckians are proud of being hillbillies (my Mom-in-Law is 72, coal miner's daughter from Wallins Creek, Harlan County, KY) -- her Dad was even shot in 1930 during the "Harlan County Wars"! (google that) That's USA history -- plus the most lovely people ya'll ever meet -- extra plus, GOOD MOONSHINE~you can't beat pickin' & grinnin' on a Saturday night!

Speaking of Moonshine, there are some places in the south were it is legally manufactured and purchasable in the state ABC stores. I have bought it in a town near Charlotte N.C. It wasn't as potent as the home made stuff I had about the same time....but it is good for someone who hasn't had the high octane stuff before to get an idea of the toe-curling taste of it.

Tastes remarkably similiar to tequila...

Cornhole TOURNAMENT? That implies an eventual "winner". I don't want to know what the trophy is!

Off topic:
MeL, Eykis, eadn, Bangi see ALARMING HOLLYWOOD DEVELOPMENT thread for answers.

Carry on.

con-whats the question?

Got it Con. Bangi_Gurl, scroll to the bottom for your title explanation. I already left my pants down there since I don't expect Dave to do much posting today ;-)

Oh, I also practiced on an old part of the blog in an empty comments section so that no one would see me screw up!

whatever i want eh...*Bangi looks very evil*
be afraid,be very afraid.
and wear ur penguin thongs

Hey barbi-now thr's a gr8 idea.old blogs!thanx!

success!!ppl visiting oldest post will be confused.but hey,now i know how to link.

Bravo, Bangi!
Applause Applause Applause Applause Applause

Congrats Bangi!

Hmmm, now it looks like I'm the only one who doesn't. Hmmm, still lacking essential motivation....

Con, guess there's another reason I'm CTO ;-)

Yeah, they play cornhole (the game with a wooden box and beanbags) here at Purdue (good ol Indiana) all the time. It's a frat boy tradition. I guess it's a good game for drunk people to pass hours upon hours upon hours of their time.

Ernie G: "Bite the wax tadpole"? Really? Thanks, I love that one.

Don't know if any of you have seen the semi-classic cheap movie THE TOXIC AVENGER (I've watched a LOT of bad movies in my day, especially in the 80s) but there was one hilarious scene when the hero (who became New Jersey's first superhero after falling in a barrel of toxic waste) saves a girl from being violated by a couple of guys robbing a fast food restaurant. The line (apologies to those easily offended, but in context it had me rolling) came when one of the robbers grabbed the girl and said, "I've always wanted to cornhole a blind bitch." ((Maybe you had to be there.))

Egads, I used to *live* in Boone County. (It's a Cincinnati suburb.) Lemme tell you, if the kids stop having sex, there isn't a lot more to do. "Hey, Pete, wanna drive out to Rt. 516 and run over the dead dog again?"

"Seventeen-year-old Seth Eckler got pregnant this week"

I knew Boone County was "backwoods" ... and by backwoods I mean NOT frontwoods ... but this is CRAZY! Boys are having babies??? What (read: who) are they doing in those back woods, exactly?

Lastly, if the first contestant lands one corn bag in-the-hole and none in-the-count and the second contestant lands two corn bag in-the count, the score for the first contestant would be 3 and the score for the second contestant would be 2 as only bags from the first contestant landed in-the-hole and only corn bags from the second contestant landed in-the-count and there is no cancellation.


MeL, depends on what info you find....might instigate some fun stuff;-{)

I got the picture thing figured out.....just need to get a server to store the ones I want to post.

*puts hand on belly*

I ate too many peeps and peanut butter eggs. I think I may vomit.

I'm going tu chug some ginger ale, attempt to go to bed and pray that I won't need to use the bucket I have placed by the side of my bed.

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson when I was 10 and I threw up from eating too many peeps ... Did you know that when you throw up peeps, they come back up in almost the same shape they started when you bought them? I think they reform in the belly!

Ponder that thought. I'm going to bed!

Happy *feeling the urge to puke* Easter.

Hope you feel better, Punky.

But don't chug the gingerale....that might make it worse.


Ginger Ale burns when coming back up through the nose.

So does Mountain Dew.......

Found that out when I read your post, Punky.

Now how do I get it off my moniter?

vomiting is caused by REVERSE PERISTALSIS
i dont know why i said that either

What's really weird is that I arrived home yesterday to find the next-door-neighbors playing what looked like "toss that beanbag here at my feet and then holler like a stuck pig." Apparently, people Cornhole in Chicago, too.

This is Ned Beatty's favorite game.

Going back to the original sender of this item, am I to assume that ElvisOnIce was already taken as an ID? Is there an ElvisOnIce2 somewhere?

Just asking.

EXPERIMENT. Here is what happens when I try to post an image in the usual way:

I just had to order an official cornhole shirt and hat. Because I have a renter in the front of my house, I have to ask them to:


I hope they don't think I'm kidding.

Is it just me or are these teenagers participating in a game that I mastered at the age of 6?

Many of my friends are now unwitting members and should be receiving their membership cards and monthly newsletters shortly. Heh, Heh. Snicker. Bwah-hah-ha.

Punky, yesterday I had My First Peep Ever. I was not impressed.


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It may be just me, but the only "prom accessories" I can think of would be condoms....(back in my day, though, they were lovingly referred to as "rubbers" (damn, I'm getting old!)...please forgive if I broke some "decorum" rule!)

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