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April 22, 2004


It has been too darned long since we experienced this.


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Whatever floats yer boat, Dave!

Hmmm, so many frozen dinners, depends on the time! ;-)

No, it really hasn't.

Fish is ew. Ray fish is icky. And together it's just nasty.

For no particular reason, I watched this yesterday. Weird.

I still have no clue why Tunabrain has what looks like a red nipple on his fish mouth.

Of course, I still have no clue about any of it...

Raw fish isn't that bad, it's the raw everything else here in Japan that scares me.

My favorite part of the video is when Kikkoman is hanging onto the bottom of a giant fish blimp cruising through the sky, and a notice at the bottom reads: "Don't try this, kids!"

And what the f*ck did he do to Suman, anyway? (The Kikkoman people apparently don't worry about potentially offending their soy-eating public with naughty words.)

The Kikoman animation isn't kikoman's advertising - it's the product of a bunch of people who all hang out on one website and had way too much time on their hands. (Sounds familiar....)

Sushi isn't raw fish, by the way. Sushi is the name given to the vinegared white rice that you make it out of. You can make sushi with cooked fish or even no fish.

I can't watch this thing without thinking of last year's World Series.

The Marlins are 11-4!

Fight Mr. Snail. Fight. Fight!!!!!

(P.S. to alex: I will NOT be pegged as the room mother of the blog. I am not a prude; I am a human being!!!!!)

I can tell you why the fish had a red nipple. I lived in Japan for almost 10 years.

Kikoman's head is actually a tiny plastic bottle of soy, the red tip is the lid that screws off. In some stores like 7-11 they sell sushi, those small bottle of soy come inside the packaging. The bottles are just a bit bigger than a quarter.

I watch this thing at least once a week. It drives my co-workers nuts.

This is my absolute favorite thing on the internet.

Except Dave's blog, of course.

I must be some sort of loser.

Okay, I actually did know that "sushi" was technically the name of the rice (which I like), and not the raw fish (which is disgusting). But most people think of the raw fish type of sushi when you say sushi. I guess I should have typed out "I do not like the type of sushi that is made with raw fish", but that just seemed stupid. Clearly I was wrong. Thank you ever so much for correcting me. From now on I'll know better.
I love you all.

Insipid song. I found myself wanting to know the japanese lyrics just so I could chant it whenever I had soy sauce

oh yeah, if you don't already know ... shoyu (show you) means soy sauce :)

I used to think that raw fish sushi was gross (I even tried it twice, just so people couldn't give me the usual "you're only saying that because you haven't tried it" bit...), but after visiting japan and having homemade sushi, I have to say that I am a convert. It's good stuff. There's plenty of other japanese foods to find disgusting, however. Like nato, which, to the best of my recollection, is fermented soy beans, but really just looks like mucus-covered, snotty green things ("The Mucus-Covered Snotty Green Things" would indeed be a great name for a teenager's garage band). Yuck.

o/~ daisu no hoshi kara yattekita... o/~


Yes! LOVE! It was a friggin' joke, fer cryin' out loud! Sarcasm, people, sarcasm...


hehe :)

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