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April 25, 2004


A good example is this

WARNING: You will be disgusted.

(Thanks to Louis in Tulsa)


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The 'Try Again' picture of the baby playing was especially delightful!

Dave, it's good to see that award winning writers have as much time on their hands as I do! This blog is an excellant excuse to avoid actually writing or working!

Um...I'm having a little trouble with the instructions.

Gee! I'm amazed how much my aim improved once I got my hindsight figured out! :-)

Shouldn't the character you are be a soccer player in this game?

Graz, Nope! But I'd bet some of the lasses would make a killing on their scores! :-)

What the crap?!

Punky? You OK? Let me know if I missed something!

Nope. Just referring to the game, eadn.

The butt kept pooping on me.

I can't get the poop game to appear on my screen (for which I can probably be thankful), but that Kung Fu Phil Death Cookie thing is just...errm...lame.

I was frighteningly good at the game.


Thanks Punky! I left a "guest" note in TFP on the MB, but I guess it didn't take. However, the game: reverse it, and poop most directly! ;-)

heh heh sounds like jargon from an old job I once had! One of those listed in the job description as "other duties as assigned"...also where I developed the phrase, "flame-thrower in one hand and firehose in the other! :-)

I'm about due to cooking another frozen dinner, so I'll say Good Night! Sleep Tight! And the bedbugs are all gone from here!

Is it wrong that I thought the object of the game was to get pooped on?

For a while there, I thought I was really good at it.

Definitely a productivity-enhancing application. Learning how to deal with being crapped on all the time is a valuable workplace skill.

Considering the streakers, tron man and shorts, are we sure judi isn't impersonating Dave?

Unless judi's taste in scantily clad men just went horribly bad, I'd say Dave is the culprit.

Coming from a married man, I'd guess Dave's wife is out of town.

And we're all paying the price.

darn...the school's web nanny thingie (a technical term) won't let me see the site...have to wait until I get home

According to AOL, I "am not authorized to view this page." Who do I speak to about this outrage? Can it really be more disgusting that Unitard Man's groin or the guy who likes to dress like a baby (Diaper Man?)?

What an assinine game...I played it twice...But only so I could show my husband!

What an assinine game...I played it twice...But only so I could show my husband!

hehehe...you posted twice, too. :)

Hoorray! I won the game!

I guess I can blow it up someone's ass better than they can crap on me.

Hey, check out the Kung Fu Phil Movie (link at the bottom of the page). This rocks...ROFL

That was funny as shi... never mind.

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