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April 21, 2004


Now they're attacking the prisons.

Key Quote: "Who needs terrorists when you got a rattlesnake?"


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Wow- I was thinking that exact same thing Alex!! (insert creepy music here)

Hmmm wonder what they're doing in the dark.
(creepy music abruptly stops)

OK I DID NOT need that visual crash :-( I was perfectly happy in the Twilight Zone with alex LOL.

I'm so sorry looney, I had too. The thought was begging to be posted.

At this point I'd like to note:

Snake! The other, other, white meat.

Hmmm.. one jail DID have a hot dinner that night, didn't they? Hmmmm.......

I have to agree with the man in the story- ever since I got my rattlesnake I find that I don't need hardly any terrorists.

Don't you hate when that happens? They had one giant fusebox for three prisons? And they weren't exactly keeping a close watch on it, were they?

Rattlesnake. It's what's for dinner (when the squid runs out).

I believe it was the closest one...

I have rattlesnakes in my backyard, and I have never seen a terrorist there.

I would like to apologize for the severe grammer failure in the preceeding post.

Boy- the security there just keeps looking better and better with each passing blog! I wonder if they HAD any inmates left? Or was it just the guards eating snakeburgers?

Maybe they were able to sedate all the inmates (perhaps with Barry Manilow music?) and that's why they didn't have any problems with them? On second thought, BM would probably have caused major rioting, so there must be another explanation.

Whoops- I meant my last post. People post so dang fast.

Oh the inmates were there alright.
The slime cannot resist the savory sizzle of scrumptious snake!

LTTG, as usual, I'd just like to extend my apologies to Punky and daisyj for infecting them with it ;-)

There's no known antidote, life is jest so quick sometimes! :-)

"No warm meal? It's an infringement on thier constitutional rights. It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous. - Jackie Chiles

"Not only that, it's deplorable, unfathomable, improbable. - Jackie Chiles

When did they start letting the lil rascals name things..."Otay Mesa" ??

I so rock like that alex. ;)

Hollywood ordered all porno movie shooting shut down on Friday due to an HIV outbreak at the studios. It didn't stop the action. By Tuesday, sex addicts were lined up outside the video stores for the first day's release of Debbie Does Nothing.

Debbie didn't do anything in Dallas either.

I LOVE rattlesnakes, they taste like chicken.

p.s. I was born in miami. FLORIDA RULES.

I'll take the terrorist. These snake stories are giving me nightmares!


Sorry, just using an old thread to figure this stuff out...

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