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April 21, 2004




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Papagus in Chicago has the BEST grilled octupus

(Do not add liquid prematurely — the squid will produce a lot on its own.)

Um, yuck.

Now, HERE'S a helpful cooking direction: "Cook it just long enough to take the edge off its rawness." That's always been MY aim - just take the edge off the food's rawness.

"premature squid and the broken noodles"

I actually fed squid stir-fry to my children and heard my 7 year old daughter utter these words: "May I have more tentacles, please?" I am not making this up.

I love squid! The recipe is correct; overcooked squid is worse to chew than rubber bubble gum.

Thanks for the recipe, Dave!

Sounds like a Mafia recipe.
(I love squid too, unless it's too chewy.)

The best thing about eating squid are the tentacles and watching your dinnermates be grossed out by actually excellent food. :)


It sounds way more appetizing in Italian:

"Fagioli bianchi con il calamaro e le tagliatelle rotte"

I met my sister out at a very fancy restaurant. She had already ordered and was starting to eat her squid appetizer. I said "Sis, there's a piece of toilet paper stuck to that sphincter you're about to eat." She found it kind of funny, but the people at the next table got up and left.

Years ago, a friend and I used to answer "squid" to the question, "What's for dinner?" or "What are you cooking?" Just to inject a little levity into the situation. But dang, now I wish I could go back in time because I think it would have been funnier if we had said "tentacles."

Doesn't say anything in the recipe about preventing the barely not raw squid from ripping your tongue out with one of the suckers on it's many tentacles and stuffing it up your nose.

I think this recipe may be a plant - by the Giant Squid, to help spread his evil army.

white beans ... white squid... white noodles. seems they forgot the mayonnaise for this white food fest.


I dunno, Lairbo, that Italian phrase ended with a word that looked a lot like "rotten" - not convinced squid/calamari is appetizing to me in any language, with any preparation. Though I did once eat a small octopus that someone had convinced me would be good. Chewing my car's spare tire would have been as nutritious and tasty, I'm thinking.

It wouldn't be bad with a little alteration: substitue meatballs for squid, angel hair pasta for noodles and spaghetti sauce for white beans.

So that's how you cook squid! Where was this last night?

heh heh, evil little pixie, methinks Dave and judi know about the MOAT in Dave's AIEEE! :-)

Angela: I cut and pasted the English description "White Beans With Squid and Broken Noodles" directly from the NY Times article right into babelfish for translation into Italian. With hindsight, I guess I should have translated it back to English.

I'm at a loss to explain how "bean" became "men", white or otherwise. Either babelfish or the Italians have some 'splainin' to do. At the very least, if I ever visit Italy, I'm gonna want a thorough description (if not a look at the kitchen it come from) of any food I order that's got "beans" in it. And, I can scarcely imagine how painful it must be to have one's squid broken off.

Theresa: the one (and only) time I knowingly and voluntarily had squid (cleverly disguised by the word "calamari" and with not nearly enough garlic) I was fairly certain that somebody had chopped a garden hose into small slices and served it to me as an act of revenge. I chewed on it for several days without making any noticeable progress. My jaw still hurts.

As far as the word "rotte" goes, I'd assumed it was a variation on "rotelle" which I'm pretty sure I've seen on packages of pasta. I won't assume this anymore. Ever.

When translating into Italian and Spanish, you must remember that the descriptive word is after the identifying noun.

Proteggere da banana= protector of banana, or banana guard in Italian.

Fagioli bianchi con il calamaro e le tagliatelle rotte= beans white with the squid and the noodles broken, or white beans, squid and broken noodles.

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