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April 22, 2004


Sushi racing!

(Thanks to Jon Alperin)


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heh heh yetagain!

Dave, I got my personal problem solved semi-reasonably, so now I'm to lush to play de game! ;-)

Mebbe tomorrow....

OOps! missed me first to say "First"!

Youngsters, now ya know what dedicated drinkin' does to ya ;-)

Speaking of sushi racing ... I got a rental car once that smelled like sushi ... bad sushi. And NO, it WASN'T me ... it was the car ... I think someone threw up in it and they didn't clean it very well. I told them that I'd rather walk with broken ankles across the Mojabi Desert than drive that thing. Fortunately they gave me a fresh smelling and clean car so that I didn't have to eat my words.



If God had wanted us to eat raw fish, He would not have invented California Rolls.

I hate sushi. I read in one of Dave's columns that it was good, and Homer likes it too, so i believed them. But i tried it once and it was just like putting a whole goldfish in my mouth. The experience was very traumatic. But i like that gummy rice they wrap it with.

"Sushi" is a very broad term, kind of like "sandwich". It's pretty much a rice ball with just about anything in it. Way too expensive though, no matter how good it is, unless you make your own.
Just made a pretty good post at my blog. Not "ha-ha" funny, more like infuriating, depressing, political funny.

That game is so freakin hard. I don't like the mobster guy who eats me.

What a catchy tune!

Aw, you can't race with eel sushi... eel sushi rules!

Little chunks of raw fish are what I use to catch the big fish I'm gonna cook and eat. I don't eat bait.

"If you knew Sushi, like I know Sushi..." (Who said that?)

Tokidoki wbagnfa (Japanese) rb.

Catchy tune, btw.

did you look at their logo in the lower right corner? the heart and crossbones? arrrggghhh, matey. sushi made by loving pirates.

I'm certainly not complaining, but when you finish the race, why does the girl get naked?

Ummm this should probably have been under don't open at work. Naked cartoon women aren't something you want your passing coworkers to see you looking at...

i remember playing this some months ago. hard as heck to control a raw-fish car with arrow keys.

OK, so I can't get this game to work. I pick my car and my race course and then I get a screen with a woman with a sign that says "back" and "reload game". reload does nothing, back takes me back to the selection screen. Help!

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