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April 21, 2004


Please stop sending this. We already blogged it. Everybody in the entire world, as far as we can tell, has already blogged it. Thank you.


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Nick Lord rocks!

Hey, you already blogged this!


I should also note that this item was mentioned on Gene Weingarten's chat yesterday. Didn't go to Gene Weingarten's chat on washingtonpost.com? You are missing out. Dude is funny.

He was also bragging about how he 'discovered' (and hired) Dave back in '84 when Dave was a struggling freelance writer and he was Sunday magazine editor for the Miami Herald. Is this true, Dave? Did Gene 'discover' you?

If so, props to Gene...

I don't care how many times this is blogged. It's still funny

Maybe this is another CATEGORY ARCHIVES link for the main blog page - like the "Productivity Enhancers" link - call it "Golden Oldies" or "Been there, Blogged that" or "For God's sake, please don't send these anymore". Most of them will be worth archiving, anyway.

harry: do people call you harry potter all the time? i bet that gets really irritating.

harry: do people call you harry potter all the time? i bet that gets really irritating.

so annoying i had to say it twice!

Yup. In the 70's (yes, I'm that old) they called me "Dirty Harry". This, too shall pass. On the other hand, it's the first time in at least 500 years that "Harry" has been a cool name, at least among kids.

No story could live up to that headline, but even so this was exceptionally boring. My all-time favorite was the NY Post's front page "Headless Body in Topless Bar" which will never be beat.

Sorry, Harry, but is your last name Ness, by any chance? (Yes, I'm that old too, but still juvenile.)

Actually my last name is close to "Potter" - so close that non-English speakers hear it as "Harry Potter" every time - so I get a lot of reactions from them and others. I tell people I get a dime from the sale of each book (I wish).

You know what they say, mudstuffin, "you're only young once, but you can stay immature". I think Dave is a shining example to us all in this regard.

I read "I'm With Stupid" and absolutely loved it.

I wish Gene would do more columns with Gina -- they're a great team! (Not that I don't also enjoy Gene's other columns ... I just want more of both!)

what i don't get is why people send in stuff that's already blogged. i don't mean, like, from last week. i mean the next DAY, we often get 10 emails for something that was blogged. aren't people reading it? they just send in links, but don't actually look at the ones that get blogged? or what?


Judi, I've just permanently reserved a place for You with an endless tab at The Blog Bar & Grill :-)

And as a special deal I've even set you up with take-out service for those times when you just can't leave your post! (like when Dave bops out on yet another one of his campaign trips ;-)

The headline reminds me of one that is infamous among combat correspondents in the U.S. Air Force. The headline is used as an example at the Defense Information School of what to do if you want to be fired.

It reads --

Head Nurse is Best in SAC

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