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April 22, 2004


We're hoping this is not another one of those wacky nuclear-plant pranks.

(Thanks to Susannah Nation)


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Hmm...I WONDERED where my ex got that "glow in the dark pencil" she gave me for Christmas....

And to think I was irritated when my son lost three winter coats in one year. Good thing he doesn't work there, Osama would have enough "lost fuel rods" to blow us all sky high.

I don't feel as comforted as I might that someone else's kid is an idiot too.

Maybe they should interview the mother's of these people before they hire them?

Check in the the ICE, dude!

How 'bout that drawer in the kitchen with the dead batteries and the rubberbands and the pens with no caps and the bits of crumpled paper and the twist-ties and the screws and nuts that don't go anywhere and the owner's manual for a coffee maker that you threw out three years ago, and the matchbooks and the pencil stubs and the expired coupons and the mousetraps and ...

This is kind of frightening. Send Hans Blix to help look. No wait, he can't find anything.

Makes me wonder about the ebay "pencil" now???!!!

This is another shining example of why I am completely against nuclear power!

Although I am also pro-nuclear power,
at times.

IS THIS THING ON???!!!!!!!!

Maybe they were confiscated by airport security personnel ... You know they keep whatever they confiscate.

Sort of gives a whole new meaning to "heated pool."

Maybe it's stuck in the jacuzzi.

Not likely, as demonstrated by today's headline:

Report: Airport Screeners Perform Poorly

Associated Press

They must have left it in their other jeans.

How come i don't find this one funny. The government probably wants me to just go on with my life although i was going to anyway.....what else could i do.....go on with someone elses life.

I think I've seen footage of the theft. Doesn't the fuel rod get stuck to Homer's back? As I recall, Bart later flicks it out into the street with his skateboard.

You mean if they had been sent off to a lab or destroyed they have no idea? And my mom says I'm unorganized.

Dave this is off the subject but then most of life is. Did you get a hog hat when you were in Arkansas. I keep having dreams of you in a hog hat? Could just be psychic phenomena.

Is anyone else bothered by the completely relaxed tone of this article?

Hey Baby, have you seen my 17 inch rod?

Yes Amber someone else is. But these spent fuel rods may have been fished out two decades ago or two weeks ago.....there is plenty of loose radioactivity in the world.

They were, um, misplaced sometime between now and 1979! According to the article they are going to go through the paperwork to see if they were sent somewhere. I think that there will be a chain of custody type paper that should account for each spent rod, har har.

I vote with Doug: I'm picking the ice bucket. Either that or Miss Scarlet in the drawing room with the wrench.

I wonder if they checked Homer's lunchbox?


I'm with Doug and JM on this one- check the ice!!
And to everyone who is freaking about about this article- this sh*t happens ALL THE TIME so you might as well laugh. It's not like frowning about it will help you one bit if the stuff DID show up in your mailbox, would it?

I am pretty sure Bart didn't remove the rod from the back of Homer's shirt. Homer removed it himself and tossed it out of the car window. I think.

Either way, it's somewhere in Springfield.

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