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April 21, 2004


A whole new level of presidential politics. Apparently not fake.

(Thanks to Eric Jensen)


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John Kerry's really ugly, even by presidential standards.

The "news" is on the same site as the "game."

I noticed that even if you steer the Bush head right into the falling lasers Bush is left unhurt.

Good thinking on the part of the programmers in the RNC, as I know many people who would play the game just for that chance.

This news is old news, but I sure hope it gets to the folks who don't follow the news. Please vote.

Won't load. You guys are hogging all the bandwidth.

hehe, why the long face Kerry?
I liked that Bush shot lasers out of his head. If he has this ability, why isn't he in Iraq? The legend of the pointy-eared, laser-beam eyed monkey's conquest of Iraq would live on till the anabacopac apocalypse.

Made me laugh my tookus off. John Kerry has a face made for radio. I have never seen a flattering picture of him, even on his campaign stuff. Poor guy.

Did this game remind of something you'd see in...oh, say, Japan? I don't know why, but world leaders firing lasers out of their heads screams "Japan" to me. I looked for the Kikkoman, but no such luck.

Notice how the missle defense shield doesn't really work.

Jervo, no one said is was real life!

It's a pretty realistic Republican game: cheesey images, simplistic, virtually no imagination. And why does Kerry always win?

I was almost tempted to play. But I'm not going to gratify the scumbags by playing their game. I wish I hadn't given them a hit on their site.

Actually, Kerry doesn't always win. If you shoot down three batches of Kerry tax increases, you defeat Voldemore.

Anyway, Star Wars fun is better than MAD frying a billion Chinese.

This game sux! I would rather make that scary chicken do stuff!

I preferred the number towers myself.
That had catapults and vikings and serfs.

Voldemort, you mean.

You may not be able to kill Bush with the acid raindrops, but I spent a pleasant 20 minutes banging his head into the edge of the screen.

You may not be able to kill Bush with the acid raindrops, but I spent a pleasant 20 minutes banging his head into the edge of the screen.

Wow! This is great! I single-handedly saved the country from: Senator Kerry, taxes, violence, rape, hunger, death, and telemarketers! In 55 seconds! Why am I not running for President too?

You don't meet the age requirement. But when you do run, I'll vote for you. Having you in charge may not be the greatest idea, but it would certainly make things more interesting.
And don't sell Salvador. He would make a fine V.P.

barbiguiness, Kudos for your last idea! And with a little luck, I'll be long since gone by then! ;-)


The only way to win the game is not to play.

I'm voting for Dave. He promised to only raise taxes on other people.

I'm voting for..well I'm not sure...but I am voting..that counts for something right?

It's good to see the GOP reaching out to the Nerd Vote.

hehe, why the long face Kerry?

A horse walks into a bar,

the bartender asks:

"Why the long face?"

In effort to extend an olive branch to people who think "W" is the second coming of Christ, I say "Jesus Christ Bush is one friggin' moron."

Bush is truly an ignorant man.

"With Clinton, people were afraid he would open his zipper.

With Bush, people are afraid he will open his mouth."

James Carville

Fake, but still funny.

Psst.... it's a .com, not a .gov. Meaning it's not actually government-endorsed.

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