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April 18, 2004


...this blog loves cold weather.

(Thanks to Harry Poulter)


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Yay First for me

Just would like to say that I live in the northern latitudes.

Just thought that that was worth mentioning.

"The researchers compiled data on the size of the penis bone...in 122 carnivorous mammal species."

Sigh....too many of the women I'm interested in are vegitarians....

aww, poor mike :(

Geez, Dave! There ya go again boasting about your diagonal! And on a Sunday no less!

'Course if I understand your upbringing a-right, ya came up from being a preacher's kid. 'Splains it about like dealing wit cat-lick kids.

Them's in Puyallup is full o' them. Watch the floors for "strays" if you use the local library restroom.

Howsoever, from Spokane, ya got the entire Cascades to climb up through and I don't live in Puyallup :-)

Winnipeg, Ontario?

Winnipeg is in Manitoba.

If you like cold climates so much, Dave, when are you going to visit Bismarck, and check up on your Shadow government??? The Hamsters are getting tired of all that running in the wheel, running in the wheel, never finding ...Dick...


Well writ, EB!

This blog loves cold weather? Well, I don't know about you, but cold weather always causes mine to shrivel up like a prune in the desert! :-)

Ah yes Gregg, but spend enough time there and your baculum will grow to compensate.

And FYI - Australia is a lot colder than it sounds, alright. Honest. Definitely. For sure.

Anyway, I'm off to my hastily arranged skiing holiday. See ya'.

sorry had to be immature.

i was under the impression that the penis did not have bones, but was spongey matter.

Speak for yourself crash :-)

(actually, I thought so too, but this was published on the internet so it has to be true)

*This person makes a mental note that Dave is from Florida...not the coldest region in the world*

That WOULD explain the size of his TV...

alex - that has happened to me more than once - I think the blog staff here makes no guarantees about reading all the email they get or giving it all fair consideration - how could they? Besides, judi might read an email, consider it unworthy (e.g. no nude dudes) and Dave might read a similar item later and deem it worthy. Its Karma.

Harry P

Dave's not FROM Miami (who is?) he's from Armonk. That's gotta be fairly cold.

I just noticed that none of the commenters on this thread are female. Thought I'd rectify that.

It figures that the men are more obsessed with this topic than the women.

OK, just noticed that somebody named "Ann" has already posted...so I take my first comment back...

"Walrus Baculum and the Impressive Organs"

I loved "different mating strategies." Would that include the walrus just whipping out his 30" and letting the females fight over it? Just asking.

I'm still waiting for Punky to weigh in on this issue.

Human males don't have a bone in their boner, but many other animals do.

Bangi, I knew a girl in high school who went to the University of Alaska (she was from Michigan)for one reason only: the supposed 4:1 ratio of guys to girls.

She was a bit odd, though.

NOW I understand "I am the Walrus"!

Definitely better to be the Walrus than the Eggman.

All I have to say: who the hell cares about size if you've got love?

Okay, then somebody explain elephants.

Awww, Genevieve ... that is SO sweet.

Like my Aunt Ginny used to say ... "Who cares about size when he's got money!"

I'm kidding. I'm really not that shallow! I mean, even with money, size is STILL important!

(disclaimer: my "anti-Sybil" meds have run out. please ignore all Punky posts until further notice.)

Punky, heh heh...heh heh heh...Hee Hee...Haa Haa...Ho Ho!

'Scuse me, I'll go back to my padded cell now ;-)

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