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April 28, 2004


Hard to believe.

(Thanks to Steve Regn)


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You know, if they showed this on Animal Planet, I'd probably watch it.

Maybe that's just 'cause I lived in California for awhile ... naaah, it's 'cause dancing dogs are so darn cute.

This was the subject of an episode of "King of the Hill" - pretty funny, too.

Folks, I'd like to make my position clear. Dogs are there to be friendly and provide a wet nose in a time of need. They're also there to be entertainingly stupid. They're not there to be pampered or to dance. They're animals. It just ain't natural.

Sorry, I meant to mention that "King of the Hill" takes place in Texas.

comment is why are newspapers going to this register crud.
The herald has done it so nwo I cant read Dave anymore. And this one has doen it so I dont know why califonicators are hilarious.
No, I dont want to get on another "spam me please" list, and have no desire to give my contact info to an organization thats sole purpose is to sell advertising.
What did you really thinkthey wantd that info for? to give you "tailored news"..heheheheh yah that wuold cost justify their expense; no they are selling yuor contact info to advertisers.

Is this a summer or winter Olympic sport?

Betcha it's not as much fun as watching 4 five week-old kitties chase around a 100 lb. Siberian Husky! Doggie does all kinds of singing and dancing to get away from them. The dog is actually skeered of the little kitties. Now, that's entertainment!

That's just wrong! A lot like the hotdog dog pic on my blog. Wrong!

Owners acting like jackasses, and dogs wanting to stick close to them. Yeah, sounds like a sport to me.

I grew up in California, then lived in Brooklyn where I had a dog. It looks like I got out (of both places) just in the nick of time.

Still, I'm betting my pooch could do a pretty decent foxtrot . . . Hey-O!

I'm here all week, try the veal...

My dog was a lousy dancer.

So I killed him, inserted robotics, and now he dances great.

Bonus: No feeding, no poop.

Rita: my dogs have sibling rivalry problems; do you think elavil would help...me?

Christobal: that's just mean, you shoulda tried elavil.


Brooklyn! How come all this stuff is going on here and I'm the last to find out about it? First the Fat Clerk breaks a judge's toilet and wants to get paid, and now this.

Alex: "Do It With a Dog" would be a great song title but not agnfarb.

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