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April 26, 2004


"OK, let me see your license, your registration, your snake, your alligator, your tarantula, your..."


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Oh, Garret!

You've gotta be pretty hard up for company to let an alligator loose in the front cab while you're driving.

Just goes to show you.

When you have a menagerie in your vehicle, don't throw your beer bottles out the window.

Yet another plot foiled in the animal kingdom's quest to take over the world! :-)

Sometimes you really have to wonder about people, until you realize their reason for existing seems to be to make you laugh. :-)

....they saw the alligator running loose in the front with the three suspects.

Running loose?? With three people, how big was this cab?????

I live in Kootenai county, and attest that I am in no way related to those people. Ack.

LaguitoMojo: Thanks for extending my 15 minutes of fame! Keep the dream alive!!!

Aw c'mon Garret! Ya gotta admit you've gotten more than 15 minutes of Bloglit fame out of it! ;-)

And Welcome to it I say! :-)

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." (Dean Vernon Wormer)

How many times do I have to tell you people never trust anything with more than 4 legs, and know which things with 4 legs you can trust.

If there had only been a couple of squirrels, a giant squid and an irritable bear in the truck, this would have been the perfect blog entry Dave.

"Authorities in North Idaho say an alligator, snake, turtle and tarantulas found during a DUI stop Saturday night, have been taken to a shelter in Boise"

So who it that got the DUI; the alligator?
And shouldn't he have gone to jail.

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